2014-01-10 Daniel MartíUse View.GONE instead of setText("")
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMake fix-ellipsis.sh more accurate
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíTry to support AndroidPinning via gradle (won't work...
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíNew setting: "Small screen" to avoid ellipsizing on...
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'development'
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíRelease 0.58 0.58
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíUpdate changelog
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíFix: Use PreferencesActivity resultCodes properly
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíRename build.prop to ant.prop, add ant-prepare.sh
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix: Don't crash if an app has no categories
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAndroidPinning uses a weird target, force android-17
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíDBHelper refactor fix: re-add version column
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAdd ignore=dirty to submodules
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíIndenting fixes
2014-01-08 Daniel McCarneyAdding support for SPKI pins, trust-on-first-use of...
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíLog the icons dir for the device density
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíViewHolder classes are now private
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAdd build.properties with the same encoding as gradle
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíSpecify UTF-8 in build.gradle
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMove "https://" addrepo default into a string
2014-01-08 Daniel Martíres/drawable/btn_check_*.png are no longer used
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíFix: Don't show "1.0" when sdkLevel is not known yet
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíRun fix-ellipsis for the first time
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAdd fix-ellipsis script
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíUpdate change-package-name.sh
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAdd lint.xml with ignores for MissingTranslation
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíUse the same DateFormat for the DB and XML parsing...
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíAlways use Locale.ENGLISH for hashes/fingerprints
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíSwitch was added in the sdk level 14, not 11
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíActually use the compat class in ClipboardCompat and...
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíRefactor cpuAbis to compat/SupportedArchitectures
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíChange # for Number in @string/repo_num_apps
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíRemove *.orig files
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíUse a ViewHolder for the ApkList too
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíRemove translations of removed strings
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíRelease 0.57-test 0.57-test
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíSupport /icons-* per-density icon folders (repo version 11)
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíNo need to use String.format explicitly
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíPull UIL from master again
2014-01-07 Ciaran GultnieksRemove bogus translations
2014-01-07 F-Droid TranslatebotTranslation updates
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíREADME fix; Plain SVG doesn't fix possible rendering...
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíAdd README specifying that the svg files are from inkscape
2014-01-07 Daniel MartíRevert "getApps(): Start Map size with the number of...
2014-01-06 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-06 Peter SerwyloOops, removed files accidentally added with 'git add .'
2014-01-06 Peter SerwyloRemoved update repo from AB. Fix for new installs with...
2014-01-05 Peter SerwyloRefactored DBHelper out of DB class. db-version/35
2014-01-05 Peter SerwyloFix bug causing incorrect repos to silently be enabled.
2014-01-05 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'development' into experimental/refactor...
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into experimental/refactor-update
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloReinsted accidentally removed code. Removed refresh...
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMinor fix after conflict resolution.
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into improvement/16/manage-repos
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíPreliminar changelog entry for the next stable release
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíBe more specific in .gitignore
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíSpecify what version_name means in the index.jar address
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíUse a literal string for versionName in AM.xml
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíTranslation string format inconsistencies should not...
2014-01-04 Daniel MartíGet rid of unused TargetApis
2014-01-03 Daniel MartígetApps(): Start Map size with the number of apps we...
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíUse a ViewHolder static class to avoid most findViewByI...
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíKeep the same inflater in the AppListAdapter
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíAdd 'repo.version' integer db-version/34
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíStart cpuAbis at length 2, place secondary abi at secon...
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíDefault to minSdk version "1.0"
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSpecify that the version is for Android
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíRevert "Add very basic support for <provides>" db-version/33
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSwitch to "apks" apk cache dir, use internal cache...
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSlightly larger margin separating minsdk
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíShow text in the update AB icon
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSightly more margins in app list views
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSupport minSdk info in version list views
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíMore layout tweaks, fix landscape
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíPlace the update repos button in the Action Bar
2014-01-02 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into experimental/refactor-update
2014-01-02 Peter SerwyloFixed update code to work with signed repos that haven...
2014-01-02 Daniel MartíRemove obsolete bits from .gitignore
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíAdd TargetApi lines to compat/* to suppress many lint...
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíRaise minSdk to 5, UIL requires it
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíBuildfix
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíRemove compact icons, replace installed with a symbol
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíUse AppDetails title as indicator where we come from
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíAdd categories to AppDetails, layout tweaks
2014-01-01 Peter SerwyloRefactored updating code to make future modifications...
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíDo paddings for the icon and not the whole applist...
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíDo AddItems with addAll on AppListAdapter
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíFix support for 1.6 (4), fixes #414
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíTemporarily remove en-rGB, mainly since it breaks the...
2014-01-01 Daniel Martíapplistitem centering tweaks
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíUpdate summaries via methods, greatly decreasing source...
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíLast pref summary: notifications