Revert "New setting: "Small screen" to avoid ellipsizing on small screens"
[f-droid:fdroidclient.git] / src / org / fdroid / fdroid /
2014-01-17 Daniel MartíRevert "New setting: "Small screen" to avoid ellipsizin...
2014-01-16 Daniel MartíFinish getting rid of hard-coded preferences
2014-01-15 Daniel MartíDon't show permissions list if there are no versions...
2014-01-15 Kevin EveretsMove up the setting of Prefences in AppDetails so they...
2014-01-15 Kevin EveretsShow incompatible reasons if they exist
2014-01-15 Daniel MartíDon't hard-code apks.get(0) when showing permissions
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíUse View.GONE instead of setText("")
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíNew setting: "Small screen" to avoid ellipsizing on...
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'development'
2014-01-10 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-09 Daniel MartíFix: Don't crash if an app has no categories
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíViewHolder classes are now private
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíMerge branch 'master' into development
2014-01-08 Daniel MartíUse a ViewHolder for the ApkList too
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into experimental/refactor-update
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-01-04 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into improvement/16/manage-repos
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSwitch to "apks" apk cache dir, use internal cache...
2014-01-03 Daniel MartíSupport minSdk info in version list views
2014-01-02 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into experimental/refactor-update
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíUse AppDetails title as indicator where we come from
2014-01-01 Daniel MartíAdd categories to AppDetails, layout tweaks
2013-12-31 Daniel MartíAdd basic dogecoin donation support db-version/32
2013-12-31 Daniel MartíReplace * and -> with UTF symbols
2013-12-25 Daniel MartíAlways load incompatible apks on memory
2013-12-25 Daniel MartíDon't override old DisplayImageOptions entirely
2013-12-25 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/55' of gitorious...
2013-12-14 Daniel MartíAvoid a couple possible NullPointerExceptions
2013-12-14 Daniel MartíRemove empty overrides
2013-12-14 Daniel MartíRemove unnecessary returns
2013-12-11 Daniel MartíA few variable type fixes
2013-12-11 Daniel MartíRemove a couple unused vars
2013-12-11 Daniel MartíMultiple appends are better than an append of a concate...
2013-12-05 Peter SerwyloMerge branch 'master' into improvement/16/manage-single...
2013-11-27 Ciaran GultnieksSupport for displaying UpstreamNonFree
2013-11-24 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'merge-requests/43'
2013-11-23 Hans-Christoph Steineradd "proper" Java decorators that Android ADT insists...
2013-11-17 Ciaran GultnieksHandle unrecognises antifeatures more gracefully
2013-11-16 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/40' of gitorious...
2013-11-16 Daniel MartíSave ignore settings in onPause, fixes #409
2013-11-16 Paul Sokolovskyfinish(): Check for app non-null before accessing it.
2013-11-10 Daniel MartíFix possible crashes when entering AppDetails
2013-11-04 Daniel MartíSmall fixes
2013-11-03 Daniel MartíRe-add theming, much better this time
2013-11-02 Daniel MartíChange setting "Incompatible apps" to "Incompatible...
2013-10-27 Ciaran GultnieksMerge branch 'merge-requests/38'
2013-10-25 Kevin EveretsChange wording in App Details from "Update" to "Upgrade"
2013-10-22 Daniel MartíSet label for ACCESS_SUPERUSER if the system doesn...
2013-10-22 Daniel MartíAlways show apps with AFs; Always display AF list in...
2013-10-15 Daniel MartíActually show the Donate submenu in app details
2013-10-13 Daniel MartíDon't crash when updating, handle "ignore this" between... db-version/27
2013-10-11 Daniel MartíSpacings after html lists are fixed. Better paddings.
2013-10-11 Daniel MartíAppDetails Apk layout tweaks, show ABIs in expert mode
2013-10-11 Daniel MartíConsistency in order of includes
2013-10-11 Daniel MartíOnly calculate the current Apk (recommended version...
2013-10-10 Daniel MartíFix ActionBar Home button issues on 3.X-4.0.X
2013-10-10 Daniel MartíNew feature: "Ignore This Update". db-version/26
2013-10-10 Daniel MartíSend icon for "Donate", no icons for its submenu entries
2013-10-09 Daniel MartíMark the AFs which block apks from being shown in brigh...
2013-10-09 Daniel MartíAdd support for Litecoin donations db-version/25
2013-10-08 Daniel MartíAdd a space after every bullet in a <li> element
2013-10-08 Daniel MartíRemove unnecessary space at the end of description
2013-10-08 Daniel MartíInitial Anti-Feature list implementation
2013-10-08 Daniel MartíAdd App.toUpdate as the filter result of App.hasUpdates...
2013-10-03 Daniel MartíRemove "Google Play"/"Market" menu button
2013-09-29 Daniel MartíRevert some icon changes, go back to using <icon> from...
2013-09-29 Daniel MartíLeave repo uri scheme handling for later, fix search...
2013-09-26 Daniel MartíAvoid crashes when appid or repoUri are empty
2013-09-25 Daniel MartíDon't run getIntent() twice
2013-09-24 Daniel MartíRemove app.icon from DB, save icon uris to memory
2013-09-23 Daniel MartíRemove many unused imports
2013-09-23 Daniel MartíUse UIL, don't do caching on our own.
2013-09-21 Daniel MartíSet PackageInstaller as org.fdroid.fdroid whenever...
2013-09-21 Daniel MartíMake Donate hold a submenu with all donation methods
2013-09-19 Daniel MartíFiltered apps are now shown like incompatible apps
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíRevert "Do not update AppDetails views if not necessary"
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíRevert all Light Theme changes
2013-09-01 Daniel MartíAdd "Ignore Updates" to AppDetails (fixes: #99) db-version/24
2013-08-31 Daniel MartíSearch and Update ActionBar items to _ALWAYS
2013-08-31 Daniel MartíDo not update AppDetails views if not necessary
2013-08-31 Daniel MartíPreferences in AppDetails now in onCreate()
2013-08-30 Daniel MartíAlways keep incompatible apps in the DB
2013-08-23 Daniel MartíAdd "Light Theme" setting
2013-08-22 Daniel MartíBetter tryOpenUri implementation and toast string.
2013-08-02 Daniel MartíToast when no app can be found matching id
2013-07-31 Daniel MartíMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/45' of gitorious...
2013-07-25 Daniel MartíRevert "Hide ActionBar title on AppDetails to make...
2013-07-25 Daniel MartíDon't show remove/run buttons on incompatible apps
2013-07-22 Daniel MartíSharing apps now has a better plaintext structure
2013-07-22 Daniel MartíUse https when sharing an app
2013-07-22 Daniel MartíUse the new /app/ uri scheme
2013-07-21 Daniel MartíDon't crash if no apks are listed
2013-07-20 Peter SerwyloFixed issues with api version differences.
2013-07-19 Daniel MartíMake install and run to be always shown in AB
2013-07-18 Daniel MartíUse rather than
2013-07-18 Daniel MartíShare via
2013-07-16 Daniel MartíTypo in proposed code for selections
2013-07-16 Daniel MartíDisable text selection as it didn't allow links.