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2009-10-09 Alberto GattoRemoved Codeblocks project file (.cbp) . We'll use... master
2009-10-09 Casella Diego... Added comments and better improved code.
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoDeleted "dependency file", now i hope Polentino will...
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoDeleted layout file and hopefully ignored too.
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoRemoved all the uneccesary files. <*,.,*>
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoRemoved *.o files and ignored. They should never be...
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoDeleted old version of the main file.
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoAdded Starter and Window class: names are self-explanatory.
2009-10-08 Alberto GattoCodeblocks file project,layout and the main file.
2009-10-07 Alberto GattoThe official welcome message!
2009-10-07 [Po]lentinofirst commit yay =)
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