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2012-05-15 Anselmo L.... Build with gcc 4.7, QCoreApplication::applicationPid... master
2012-01-15 Adriano RezendeAdded PcmSound example pcmsound
2012-01-15 Adriano RezendeAdded support for U8, S16LE, S24LE, S32LE sound formats
2012-01-15 Adriano RezendeImproved PcmSound API
2012-01-14 Adriano RezendeRemoved RawConnection component
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeFixed include to use the right moc file
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdded Settings component
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdjusted components to load pixmaps from image providers
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdded ImageLoader component
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdjusted Sprite component to accept non-tiled pixmaps
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdjusted PcmSound to handle component initialization
2012-01-09 Adriano RezendeAdded ParticleSystem component
2011-12-21 Adriano RezendeAdjusted PcmSound to accept different PCM formats
2011-12-21 Adriano RezendeAdded low latency sound API to play PCM sounds
2011-12-21 Adriano RezendeAdded Expresso global object
2011-12-20 Adriano RezendeAdded PixmapText example
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