last changeTue, 12 Oct 2010 21:54:05 +0000 (14:54 -0700)
2010-10-12 geremy condraminor changes, probably getting reverted master
2010-10-04 rootMinor fix, removed annoying print line
2010-06-24 geremy condrafeatures: incomplete key generation routines
2010-04-09 geremy condrachanging last commit back- we can't use the more secure...
2010-04-09 geremy condraChanged padding type to OAEP for envelope encryption
2010-04-01 geremy condradummy commit to push changes to 2.x
2010-04-01 geremy condrapreviously unpushed commits with additional test coverage
2010-04-01 geremy condraadded tests for some missing signature internals in...
2010-04-01 geremy condraremoved the (mostly) useless and ineffecient build_buff...
2010-03-31 geremy condraadded internals tests for signatures and fixed verify...
2010-03-31 geremy condrafixed context creation bug in signatures
2010-03-31 geremy condraadded test for randomness generation
2010-03-31 geremy condraadded internals testing for envelope
2010-03-31 geremy condraadded internals tests for bytes_to_key and cipher objects
2010-03-31 geremy condraadded internals tests for the EVP_Decrypt* functions
2010-03-30 geremy condrainternals test for EVP_EncryptFinal_ex
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