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last changeMon, 25 Feb 2013 07:58:24 +0000 (08:58 +0100)
2013-02-25 Frank FischerAdd `evil-ex-substitute-global` option master
2013-02-20 Frank FischerMerge stable
2013-02-20 Frank FischerEnsure :global generates a single undo step stable-1.0
2013-02-20 Frank FischerAdd name of Lintaro Ina
2013-02-20 Frank FischerUpdate list of authors
2013-02-20 Frank FischerImplement left and right shift in insert state (fix...
2013-02-19 Frank FischerMerge stable-1.0
2013-02-19 Frank FischerMake `evil-ret` go to the first non blank on the next...
2013-02-19 Frank FischerMake test of register / work with isearch module
2013-02-19 Frank FischerBind `g*` and `g#` to unbounded symbol search commands...
2013-02-19 Frank FischerImplement unbounded search for isearch module (re ...
2013-02-18 Frank FischerMerge stable-1.0
2013-02-18 Frank FischerGuard `evil-start-undo-step` and `evil-end-undo-step...
2013-02-18 Frank FischerGuard `evil-with-single-undo` against recursive calls
2013-02-18 Frank FischerEnsure `evil-ex-normal` generates a single undo step...
2013-02-18 Frank FischerMerge stable-1.0
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