Add tests for `evil-move-paragraph'
[evil:ergo-evil.git] / evil-tests.el
2011-03-14 Frank FischerAdd tests for `evil-move-paragraph'
2011-03-14 Frank FischerMake `evil-move-paragraph' to move exactly to paragraph...
2011-03-14 Frank FischerMerge with master, use new test macros
2011-03-13 Vegard ØyeRedefine helper functions
2011-03-13 Frank FischerObject motions extend to buffer boundaries
2011-03-13 Frank FischerRemove `evil-negate-chars'
2011-03-13 Frank FischerRename *-select-* functions to *-move-*
2011-03-12 Frank FischerMake motion selectors more Emacsish, basic implementati...
2011-03-11 Frank FischerFix `evil-select-backward-end' and add tests for word...
2011-03-11 Frank FischerAdd tests for `evil-negate-chars' and `evil-select...
2011-03-11 Vegard ØyeRemove `evil-truncate-vector'
2011-03-11 Vegard ØyeFix suppression tests
2011-03-11 Vegard ØyeAdd tests for `evil-delete'
2011-03-11 Vegard ØyeAdd tests for `evil-keypress-parser'
2011-03-10 Frank FischerAdd tests for `evil-first-non-blank-beg' and `evil...
2011-03-10 Frank FischerAdd further tests and fix `evil-first-non-blank'
2011-03-10 Frank FischerAdd `evil-extract-count'
2011-03-10 Frank FischerAdd special handling of "0" command
2011-03-10 Vegard ØyeMove `evil-operator-shortcut-map' to the top
2011-03-10 Vegard ØyeAdd `evil-concat-alists' for association lists
2011-03-10 Frank FischerPreserve current column in `evil-next-line' and `evil...
2011-03-09 Vegard ØyeMerge remote branch 'origin/lyro'
2011-03-09 Frank FischerAdd test for `evil-backward-char'
2011-03-09 Frank FischerSplit `evil-verify-around-point' off from `evil-test...
2011-03-09 Frank FischerAdd simple motions
2011-03-09 Vegard ØyeBind `evil-forward-char' to "l"
2011-03-08 Vegard ØyeAdd test for exceeding the buffer boundaries
2011-03-08 Vegard ØyeLet `evil-expand' accept a nil TYPE
2011-03-08 Frank FischerMerge compatibility patches from master
2011-03-07 Frank FischerSupport repeat-count for repeating operators
2011-03-07 Frank FischerAdd simple operator tests
2011-03-07 Frank FischerMerge with master
2011-03-07 Vegard ØyeAdd type system
2011-03-07 Frank FischerForbid exiting emacs or killing buffers during repeation
2011-03-07 Frank FischerCleanup whitespaces
2011-03-06 Frank FischerMerge with master
2011-03-05 Frank FischerMerge with master
2011-03-05 Frank FischerAdd change-based repeation
2011-03-05 Vegard ØyeAdd helper function for testing :enable
2011-03-04 Frank FischerMerge with master
2011-03-04 Frank FischerAdd `evil-insert-above' and `evil-insert-below'
2011-03-04 Frank FischerFix verification for unmatched cursor regexp
2011-03-04 Frank FischerAdd `evil-insert-after'
2011-03-04 Vegard ØyeAdd buffer-local keymap for Operator-Pending shortcuts
2011-03-04 Frank FischerImplement `count' argument of insert command
2011-03-04 Frank FischerImplement generalized repeat-info
2011-03-04 Frank FischerAdd support for count argument in `evil-repeat'
2011-03-04 Frank FischerMerge with master
2011-03-04 Frank FischerRemove superfluous escape event in tests
2011-03-04 Vegard ØyeUpdate ERT
2011-03-04 Vegard ØyeAdd makefile and test target
2011-03-04 Frank FischerAdd basic `evil-repeat' command
2011-03-04 Frank FischerAdd `evil-test-editing' function for testing ordinary...
2011-03-03 Frank FischerClean up repeat-info tests
2011-03-03 Frank FischerAdd basic repeat framework
2011-03-03 Vegard ØyeAdd Operator-Pending state
2011-03-02 Vegard ØyeFix ERT bug after 58cd86f
2011-03-02 Frank FischerAdd suppress-keymap tests
2011-03-02 Vegard ØyeAdd `evil-test-buffer' fixture macro for future tests
2011-03-01 Vegard ØyeInitial commit