last changeWed, 21 Jul 2010 08:06:42 +0000 (11:06 +0300)
2010-07-21 Juha VirtakoivuAdded number of attendees to eventlist view master
2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronfixes save event error when the editor is not allowed
2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronmoved back integrated plugins inside component structur...
2010-06-04 julienVmove cd_eventlist_attend to plugins
2010-06-04 julienVmove plugins to trunk rather than to component
2010-06-04 julienVmove modules to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVmove languages to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVrename allinone back to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVmoving trunk to allinone as 'component'
2010-06-04 julienVit doesn't keep the history, have to try another way
2010-06-04 julienVcopying trunk as 'component'
2010-06-04 julienVcreating a folder containing component/modules/plugins...
2009-06-13 spookcss cleanup and some improvements concerning to the...
2009-05-30 schluups
2009-05-30 schlufinished calendarview. all should work fine now
2009-05-30 schlufixed legend
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