2009-07-24 Morttiupdated finnish 1.0.1
2009-07-23 schlufrontend venue form will not loose already typed in...
2009-07-23 schluupdated italian
2009-07-22 schlufrontend event form will not loose already typed in...
2009-07-22 schluupdate Croatian
2009-07-22 schlufixed typo
2009-07-22 schluupdate ukrainian
2009-07-22 schlucb avatar fixes
2009-07-21 schlu(no commit message)
2009-06-29 schlushow also events from current day
2009-06-29 schluupdated help and backend translation
2009-06-29 schlutypo fix
2009-06-11 julienVadded translations for activity stream in the language...
2009-06-11 MorttiAdded fi-FI admin file missing DEFAULT LAYOUT=Default...
2009-06-10 Morttiupdate fi-FI language files
2009-05-13 schlufixed notice
2009-04-27 julienVadded attending events on 'my' view.
2009-04-27 julienVadded a new view for user's events and venues.
2009-04-27 julienVadded edit button for venue in venueevents view.
2009-04-27 hschimanskiFix for schlu.net/forum/index.php?f=22&t=8226&rb_view...
2009-04-23 schlusome protective hardening
2009-04-22 schluupdated catalan
2009-04-22 schluadded serbian (cyrillic and latin), galician
2009-04-22 schlu(no commit message)
2009-04-22 schluupdated hungarian translation, added greek and turkish
2009-04-22 julienVwrong value for fields in settings->user details->AC...
2009-04-22 julienVfixed bug #16097 with uppercase image extensions.
2009-04-21 schlufixed xss issue
2009-04-16 julienVremoved unnecessary input filtering for meta data ...
2009-04-16 julienVprevent double post: return false in validation javascr...
2009-04-16 julienVfixed mailing problems: link generation, and strip...
2009-04-16 julienVfixed apostrophe bug in events title editevent page...
2009-04-14 julienVadding event creator display in details view, if catch...
2009-04-13 julienVfix for day rss.
2009-04-13 julienVpull event creator name in details model, so it can...
2009-04-13 julienVadded view file for day feed.
2009-04-13 julienVbug in day models. Last day of event was not selected.
2009-04-10 julienVbugfix: rss feed link #15844
2009-04-10 julienVadded jomsocial_rule.xml for integration
2009-04-02 julienVfor some reason, needs public acces for some points...
2009-04-02 julienVfixes for jomsocial, and addition of points system.
2009-03-30 julienVload language file in frontend for plugins.
2009-03-26 julienVfixing filter bug.
2009-03-20 julienVfixed pagination issue for eventlist view.
2009-03-08 hschimanskibugfix for empty venueulr
2009-03-07 hschimanskiNow three options (upcoming, published, archived events)
2009-02-23 julienVadded parameters for hide/show events and date format.
2009-02-21 schlu(no commit message)
2009-02-21 nhudellEdited for readability.
2009-02-20 hschimanskiMissing NOEVENTS added to german translation
2009-02-20 schluformatting
2009-02-20 schlumailing plugin for eventlist which can send mails to...
2009-02-19 julienVevent registration state was not remembered when editin...
2009-02-18 schluupdates swedish (thx Kristian)
2009-02-18 julienVadding jomsocial plugins to svn.
2009-02-17 schluhm...removed some beta notes :/
2009-02-17 schluxml file update
2009-02-17 schluuk-UA update
2009-02-17 schlufi-FI update
2009-02-07 grandcruUpdate for the 1.0 Release
2009-02-07 grandcruUpdate for the 1.0 Release
2009-02-06 schluitalian translation update (thx marco)
2009-02-06 schlugerman language update
2009-02-02 julienVmerged from svn, fr fix.
2009-02-02 julienVAdd option to show or hide empty venues in venues view.
2008-12-21 schlufixed #13897 unpublished events shouldn't get archived
2008-12-21 schlufixed #14181 broken groups query
2008-12-15 julienVfixed edit own venue.
2008-12-09 schlubugfix choosevenue
2008-12-04 schlugerman help encoding fixes thanks Antonio Cambule
2008-12-04 schluadded croatian and swedish translation
2008-12-03 julienVadded proper version number to search bot.
2008-12-03 julienVfixed venue and exact search in search plugin.
2008-11-22 julienVredirect unregistered users to login page when trying...
2008-11-20 julienVredirect unregistered users to login page if trying...
2008-11-18 schluadded ukrainian
2008-11-18 schluupdated version
2008-11-17 julienVAnother pagination bug, this time for 'elements'.
2008-11-17 julienVfixed pagination bug for venues view.
2008-11-17 julienVseparate all limitstart session values for different...
2008-11-17 schluupdated version
2008-10-21 schlusome module work, thanks rheinig
2008-10-21 schluremoved legacy requirement of jcomments
2008-10-15 schluremoved amp replace from titles
2008-10-15 schluupdated translations
2008-10-15 schluupdated translations
2008-10-04 schlufixed broken marker.openInfoWindowHtml when geocoding...
2008-09-29 schluupdated translations
2008-09-29 schlufixed double posts in ie7
2008-09-29 schlumod_security compatibility for selectvenue call
2008-09-08 pdenessenOfficial DutchJoomla version
2008-09-08 pdenessenOfficial Dutchjoomla Version
2008-09-08 pdenessenOfficial Dutchjoomla version
2008-09-01 morttiFixed typo in site language
2008-08-05 schlufixed title length limit
2008-08-03 morttiupdate and cleanup for finnish translations
2008-07-25 schluEMAIL missing
2008-07-25 schlufixed typo in uninstall sql
2008-07-23 schluadded polish translation
2008-07-21 schluversion update