last changeSat, 31 Jul 2010 20:33:39 +0000 (23:33 +0300)
2010-07-31 grayzupdate date, marked out it's a dev. release master
2010-07-31 grayzadded Russian & Ukrainian front-end language files
2010-07-31 grayzupdated fix after testing on live site
2010-07-31 grayzfixing error of continious redirect of logged-off user...
2010-07-31 grayzfixed error when user logs-out and get all time re...
2010-07-31 grayznew column in frontpage table
2010-07-31 grayzSQL query to count number of participants
2010-07-31 grayzattendees settings added
2010-07-31 grayzvars for 3 new fields in settings
2010-07-31 grayzcleaning
2010-07-31 grayzfields for attendees settings
2010-07-31 grayzfields for attendees settings
2010-07-31 grayzadded JV for attendees setion in settings
2010-07-31 grayzadded 3 fields into settings table upgade query
2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronfixes save event error when the editor is not allowed
2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronmoved back integrated plugins inside component structur...
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