2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronfixes save event error when the editor is not allowed 1.1beta1.0
2010-06-24 Julien Vonthronmoved back integrated plugins inside component structur...
2010-06-04 julienVmove cd_eventlist_attend to plugins
2010-06-04 julienVmove plugins to trunk rather than to component
2010-06-04 julienVmove modules to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVmove languages to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVrename allinone back to trunk
2010-06-04 julienVmoving trunk to allinone as 'component'
2010-06-04 julienVit doesn't keep the history, have to try another way
2010-06-04 julienVcopying trunk as 'component'
2010-06-04 julienVcreating a folder containing component/modules/plugins...
2009-06-13 spookcss cleanup and some improvements concerning to the...
2009-05-30 schluups
2009-05-30 schlufinished calendarview. all should work fine now
2009-05-30 schlufixed legend
2009-05-30 schlucleanup
2009-05-29 schlucleanup
2009-05-29 schlu(no commit message)
2009-05-29 schlucleanup
2009-05-29 schlucalendar view can now handle multiday events properly
2009-05-29 schlucleanup
2009-05-29 schlusome more calendar view work, legend/multi cats still...
2009-05-28 schluset rel="noindex, nofollow" to calendar year, month...
2009-05-28 schluview cleanup
2009-05-28 schlufixed calendar view to work with multiple categories...
2009-05-28 schlufixed day view to work with multiple categories assigne...
2009-05-27 schluset property
2009-05-27 schluupdated sampledata
2009-05-26 schlufixed frontend seo functionality...backend still requir...
2009-05-19 schlufixed typo
2009-05-18 schluadded eventlist plugin for com_search into package...
2009-05-18 schluadded missing string
2009-05-18 schlumoved comments to a plugin
2009-05-17 schluadded my view to router
2009-05-17 schluhide description if empty instead to show a message...
2009-05-17 schluadded possibility to fetch the email addresses of all...
2009-05-17 schluPlugins and modules can now be installed along with...
2009-05-14 schlusome my view tweaks:
2009-05-14 schluforgot to remove settings inserts from nonutf8 install sql
2009-05-14 schlucleanup
2009-05-14 schluorder by time in calendarview
2009-05-14 schluvarious bugfixes
2009-05-13 schlubugfixes
2009-05-13 schluported over my view from release version
2009-05-13 schluported over some commits from stable: 990,991,997,998...
2009-05-13 schluadded new country select and latitude, longitude to...
2009-05-12 schlufixed some database type issues with mysql 5.1.30 and...
2009-05-12 schlufinished basic upgrade logic (1.0 - 1.1) still some...
2009-05-12 schluadded some progress info output to upgrade logic (1...
2009-05-12 schluimplemented upgrade logic (1.0 - 1.1) [WIP]
2009-04-24 schlu(no commit message)
2009-04-24 schluups
2009-04-24 schlucode facelift
2009-04-23 schlusome protective hardening
2009-04-22 schlufixed #16111
2009-04-21 schlufixed xss issue
2009-02-21 schlucleanup
2009-02-21 schluremoved $mainframe global...use $app instead
2009-02-20 schluadded button which redirects to plugins screen, group...
2009-02-20 schluported registration option fix over from stable
2009-02-20 schlumoved over plugin hooks
2009-02-19 schluprevent loading outside of the framework
2009-02-19 schluquickfix to prevent calendar to link to empty dayviews...
2009-02-19 schlufixed sampledata.sql
2009-02-17 schlu(no commit message)
2009-02-02 schlufixed type problems with mysql 5.1.30 leading to proble...
2009-01-31 schluHelpfile updates:
2009-01-31 schlugerman help encoding fix
2009-01-31 schlufixed typo imaghight->imagehight[#14302]
2009-01-30 schluyear bump
2009-01-30 schluyear bump
2009-01-09 schlusome joomfish compatibility work [WIP]
2008-12-28 julienVfixed sql query for install.
2008-12-25 julienVremoved contacts field from events.
2008-12-24 julienVimprovements on recurrence.
2008-12-24 julienVAutomatically display groups of parameters from config...
2008-12-24 julienVjust a comment.
2008-12-23 julienVmerged new recurrence.
2008-12-22 julienVdon't force contact field.
2008-12-22 julienVsvn merge venue events query.
2008-12-22 julienVdo not force zip in check.
2008-12-22 julienVdo not force zipcode.
2008-12-22 julienVsvn merge intro text.
2008-12-22 julienVno search result if no filter set.
2008-12-22 julienVsvn merge
2008-12-22 julienVmerge from svn
2008-12-22 julienVremove enddate if same as start date
2008-12-22 julienVmerge from svn.
2008-12-22 julienVfixed date search.
2008-12-22 julienVadded continent selector.
2008-12-22 julienVmerging from svn
2008-12-22 julienVmerged
2008-12-22 julienVopen map in new window if no key.
2008-12-22 julienVmerge from svn
2008-12-22 julienVfixed pagination on search.
2008-12-22 julienVmerge from svn.
2008-12-22 julienVadded category filter to search.
2008-12-22 julienVlanguage fix.
2008-12-22 julienVmerged from svn
2008-12-22 julienVmerged modif from svn.