2014-06-18 meadd WebKit example "Tic-Tac-Toe"
2014-06-13 meallow default values in "src/lisp/invokables.lisp"...
2014-05-27 metiny revisions
2014-05-19 mesmall revisions of webkit examples
2014-05-17 merevision of "invokables.lisp" and webkit examples
2014-05-17 meexample "webkit-bridge": fix function CLONE to work...
2014-05-17 mewebkit examples: generate C++ glue code, using a specia...
2014-05-15 meminor revisions of examples
2014-05-13 mesmall revision of webkit examples
2014-05-09 mechange License from LGPL to MIT
2014-05-06 meadd "screenshots/Examples-Browser.png"
2014-05-05 mereview example "Examples-Browser"
2014-05-02 metiny revisions
2014-04-29 meadd README.txt to webkit examples; tiny revisions;
2014-04-29 mesmall revision
2014-04-28 mereview webkit examples
2014-04-28 mefix webkit examples
2014-04-27 merevision of webkit examples
2014-04-26 mefix example "Examples-Browser"
2014-04-26 meadd example "M-modules/webkit/Examples-Browser/*"
2014-04-24 mesmall review of webkit examples
2014-04-23 menew version "14.4.1" (added QWebPluginFactory); add...
2014-04-23 mefix webkit examples (QWebInspector needs SI:TRAP-FPE...
2014-04-22 merevision of example "webkit_bridge.lisp"
2014-04-22 mefix example "webkit_bridge.lisp"
2014-04-22 meupdate example "webkit-bridge.lisp" (add QWebInspector...
2014-04-21 meadd example "M-modules/webkit/webkit-bridge.lisp"
2014-04-12 mesmall revisions
2014-04-09 meadd option :maximized to command -quic (optionally...
2014-04-04 mefix example "M-modules/webkit/strip-html.lisp"
2014-04-03 meadd QWebInspector to example "M-modules/webkit/strip...
2014-04-03 meadd example "M-modules/webkit/dom.lisp"
2014-03-27 meupdate example "M-modules/webkit/strip-html.lisp"
2014-03-10 meadd example "X-extras/strip-html.lisp"
2014-03-08 meadd missing meta types QTextBlockFormat, QTextFrameForm...
2014-03-01 meupdate example "X-extras/qimage.lisp"
2014-02-18 mesmall revisions
2014-01-25 mefix example "palindrome"
2013-12-21 mesmall revision (palindrome example)
2013-12-20 meadd example "X-extras/palindrome"
2013-12-07 mesmall revisions (read: nitpicking)
2013-11-16 mesmall revisions
2013-11-05 me'!' for Qt_EQL, e.g. (! "foo" (:qt *lib*))
2013-11-02 menew convenience macro '!' (more lispy than QFUN); updat...
2013-10-30 mesmall revisions
2013-10-26 mefix small memory leak in QSINGLE-SHOT when passing...
2013-10-25 mereview example "X-extras/primes-thread.lisp"
2013-10-24 mefix typo
2013-10-24 memultiple return values for QRUN*, add example "X-extras...
2013-10-23 meadd convenience macro QRUN* (see QRUN-IN-GUI-THREAD)
2013-10-20 meoptional non-blocking call of QRUN-IN-GUI-THREAD
2013-10-17 meadd function QRUN-IN-GUI-THREAD (internally used by...
2013-10-15 mesmall revisions
2013-10-14 mesmall fixes (values in repl-hook) and revisions
2013-10-14 mesmall revisions
2013-10-14 mebetter, simpler EVAL-TOP-LEVEL using QMetaObject::invok...
2013-10-12 mefix loading "~/.eclrc" in Slime mode
2013-10-10 metiny revisions
2013-10-10 mesmall revisions
2013-10-09 meload "~/.eclrc", except when "-norc" is passed; add...
2013-10-06 mesmall revisions
2013-10-05 mesome revisions (debug tutorial)
2013-10-05 mefix "-qtpl": safe restarts (see RESTART-DIALOG::ENSURE...
2013-10-04 meadd simple debugging tutorial "doc/Debugging.htm"
2013-10-02 mesmall revision
2013-10-01 merevision of "src/lisp/restart-dialog.lisp"
2013-10-01 meupdate docu for "-qtpl" (see "doc/Notes.htm")
2013-10-01 mefix "-qtpl": add simple GUI dialog for debug input...
2013-09-30 mefix "-qtpl": add EXEC-WITH-SIMPLE-RESTART as last resor...
2013-09-29 meauto cast QEvent to specific class in QADD-EVENT-FILTER...
2013-09-23 meadd convenience function QSLEEP (a SLEEP processing...
2013-09-21 mefix "-qtpl" READ (seems finally stable now); new versio...
2013-09-20 mefix nasty bug with "-qtpl" (unrecoverable BREAK on...
2013-09-19 mebetter print for QT-OBJECT (add "objectName", unique...
2013-09-17 meadd function QT-OBJECT-? (find specific from generic)
2013-09-15 mefix bug in "src/lisp/quic.lisp" ("setCursor")
2013-09-14 mefix small annoyance in "src/lisp/quic.lisp" (unpretty...
2013-09-14 mefix bug in "src/lisp/quic.lisp" (QCursor property)
2013-09-13 meadd example "examples/X-extras/calculator.lisp"
2013-07-05 meadd missing meta type <QModelIndexList>, see example...
2013-03-06 mefix bug related to <const QGraphicsItem*> arguments
2013-02-23 meupdate all enum constants to Qt 4.8; small revisions
2013-02-22 meadd option "-silent" to local-server exe of example...
2013-02-20 meadd convenience function QENUMS (returns all QMetaEnum...
2013-02-16 mefix compiling with Qt 4.6 (meta type "QEasingCurve")
2013-02-15 meexample "moving-blocks.lisp": add custom easing function
2013-02-12 meadd graph to example "move-blocks.lisp"
2013-02-09 mesmall revision
2013-02-09 meadd UI to example "X-extras/move-blocks.lisp"
2013-02-02 mesmall revisions
2013-01-27 mefix example "move-blocks.lisp"
2013-01-26 meadd functions QSIGNAL, QSLOT (needed in functions with...
2013-01-25 meadd example "X-extras/move-blocks.lisp"; minor bug...
2013-01-16 mesome revisions
2013-01-07 mebetter QOVERRIDE, allowing correct behaviour of nested...
2013-01-06 mefix serious bug introduced with QOVERRIDE changes
2013-01-05 me(sorry)
2013-01-05 mesmall revisions
2013-01-02 meeditor (example 9): fix re-highlighting
2012-12-31 megeneric revisions