auto cast QEvent to specific class in QADD-EVENT-FILTER and QT-OBJECT-?
[eql:eql.git] / CL_EQL /
2013-02-23 meupdate all enum constants to Qt 4.8; small revisions
2013-02-02 mesmall revisions
2013-01-05 mesmall revisions
2013-01-02 meeditor (example 9): fix re-highlighting
2012-12-21 meuse CL_UNWIND_PROTECT, allowing condition handling...
2012-12-20 meadd QColor to objects (backward compatible: allow both...
2012-12-17 merevision of "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-15 me"CL_EQL/": add trivial "special-objects.lisp" (using...
2012-12-14 me"CL_EQL/": enable evaluation of arguments in '?' using ','
2012-12-13 mesome revisions, new version 12.12.1 (tested with ECL...
2012-12-10 me"CL_EQL/" + Slime: add "eval region" note
2012-12-10 meseveral fixes in "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-07 me"CL_EQL/": comment small debug dialog annoyance in...
2012-12-07 merevision of revision of "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-07 merevision of "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-07 meseveral fixes in "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-05 me"CL_EQL/": fix wrong interpretation of '!' and '?'...
2012-12-04 merevision of "CL_EQL/"
2012-12-03 meadd "q-clock", "q-wiggly" to "CL_EQL/" examples
2012-12-01 merevision of "CL_EQL/"
2012-11-30 me"CL_EQL/": allow EQL symbol completion in Slime
2012-11-29 mereview of "CL_EQL/"
2012-11-29 mefix "CL_EQL/" to work with Slime (eval region)
2012-11-28 mefix "CL_EQL/"
2012-11-28 meadd building of "eql_local_server" executable (for...
2012-11-28 mereset "CL_EQL/" properly on Lisp errors inside "#q"
2012-11-27 mefix function "(ev)" in "CL_EQL/"
2012-11-27 mefix "CL_EQL/", add example
2012-11-24 meadd experimental "CL_EQL/" for any CL+CFFI