last changeFri, 10 Jul 2009 02:10:11 +0000 (21:10 -0500)
2009-07-10 Ed PageSetting upstream URL master
2009-07-10 Ed PageOption 2 for an icon, stylus input
2009-07-10 Ed PageOption 1 for an icon, keyboard
2009-07-02 Ed PageEven more work. Maybe it will work this time? Work...
2009-07-02 Ed PageMore work to workaround the modality fun. Oh and some...
2009-07-01 Ed PageTrying to be fancier now
2009-06-28 Ed PageFixing up the plugin part
2009-06-27 Ed PageHardening the code
2009-06-27 Ed PageGetting it to point to the correct app
2009-06-27 Ed PageNo clue how this got deleted
2009-06-26 Ed PageSmall bug
2009-06-26 Ed PageNULL For President
2009-06-23 Ed PageFixing a memory leak I inherited from from hildon-cpa...
2009-06-23 Ed PageReducing lint noise
2009-06-22 Ed PageRemoving useless buttons for now
2009-06-22 Ed PageEnabled instant apply with cancel support so live previ...
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