2009-07-18 Ed PageAdding more stuff to the gtop bindings master
2009-07-17 Ed PageAdding a lot more bindings for stuff
2009-07-10 Ed PageAdding upstream URL
2009-07-10 Ed PageVersion bumped
2009-07-10 Ed PageTrying to switch to the hildon icons
2009-07-10 Ed PageSwitching the icon to at least something that'll show up
2009-07-10 Ed PageModality experiments and experiments in other ways...
2009-07-10 Ed Pagehciconfig and ifconfig are not in the path by default...
2009-07-02 Ed PageMore cleanups and fixing ofbugs
2009-07-01 Ed PageTrying to be fancier now
2009-06-28 Ed PageRemoving unused header
2009-06-28 Ed PageCommenting about
2009-06-28 Ed PageRemoving debug prints
2009-06-28 Ed PageNo longer crashing but sadly I added back in global...
2009-06-27 Ed PageHopefully this version will work, its at least very...
2009-06-27 Ed PageRandom cleanups
2009-06-27 Ed PageAccidently left prints in
2009-06-27 Ed PageTightening up on the code quality
2009-06-27 Ed PageNo clue how this got deleted
2009-06-26 Ed PageFixed a bug covered up by the makefile
2009-06-26 Ed PageChanges updated
2009-06-26 Ed PageNULL For President
2009-06-23 Ed PageFixing a memory leak I inherited from from hildon-cpa...
2009-06-13 Ed PageVersion bump and fixing of makefile
2009-06-10 Ed PageFix from stskeeps review and version bump
2009-06-06 Ed PageMore steps to creating a package
2009-06-06 Ed PagePrepping for packaging
2009-06-06 Ed PageCleanup and comments
2009-06-06 Ed PageMinor cleanup
2009-06-06 Ed PageGrabbing all information needed now, even if the source...
2009-06-05 Ed PageA start on mer_cpa_about dialog
2009-06-04 Ed PageUpdating to hildon-cpa-dummy 0.2
2009-06-04 Ed PageMoving things around
2009-06-04 Ed PagePulling in 0.1 to fork from