2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeFlesh out basic website pages a little more
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd PNG icons for windows in all recommended sizes
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a dummy field to private struct to avoid gobject...
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeFix type name for progress object
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeStandardize header file style
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd #include <config.h> to all files
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert over to glib logging instead of fprintf
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeFix mistaken unref calls in finalizer
2009-10-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd custom control objects for each type of data
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeUse widget info for tooltip
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd basic widget infrastructure for displaying camera...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeLoad image into main display when session browser entry...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd stupidly inefficient thumbnail loading as temporary...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd the start of a proper icon display for session...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd add/remove signals to session object
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for monitoring & autodownloading images...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeFix padding in main split panels
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd code for generating unique, incrementing filenames...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeMove background thread over to camera class. Use sessio...
2009-10-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd basic classes for managing images and sessions
2009-09-30 Daniel P. BerrangeFix property name for preferences
2009-09-30 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't reference pixbuf in expose handler if its NULL
2009-09-30 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd desktopfile and RPM spec and look for glade in...
2009-09-30 Daniel P. BerrangeStarted a preference modules
2009-09-30 Daniel P. BerrangeMore work on website style/content
2009-09-28 Daniel P. BerrangeTweak website navigation content
2009-09-28 Daniel P. BerrangeStart work on a basic set of webpages
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeTurn camera list into a gobject. Refresh list in-place...
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeAuto-refresh device list when usb devs are hotplugged...
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeControl UI sensitivity based on camera capabilities
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd check that camera succesfully connected
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeFix leak of glade objects in finalizers
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeWire up a help about dialog
2009-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeFix up handling of close / delete events on windows
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeFix many memory leaks and add image preview
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeFix memory leak in camera picker cell renderer
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeBasic wiring up of quit/disconnect menus & manager...
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeWire up menu items for zoom / fullscreen
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeWire up fullscreen toolbar button
2009-09-26 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a custom scalable image display widget. Default...
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeFix crash when closing camera info dialogs
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd ability to cancel progress operations
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd progress display when capturing images since it...
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert CapaCamera into a GObject to get ref counting
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeSplit out compile of frontend and backend
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeUse a private params context per camera object
2009-09-25 Daniel P. BerrangeMake a note of why we skip the camera called usb:
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeWire up basic code for extracting list of controls...
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeBoilerplate classes for settings management
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd copyright headers to all source files
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeCrude experiment making the 'capture' button work
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd about dialog and camera information display
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeTweak git ignore rules
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeFix compile warnings & add warning message if no camera...
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd autotools magic
2009-09-20 Daniel P. BerrangeInitial commit of codebase