Add mouse scroll support to session browser widget
[entangle:entangle.git] / src / frontend / entangle-session-browser.c
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd mouse scroll support to session browser widget
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix syntax check errors
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeRe-enable drag for popups
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd popup menu in session browser
2012-07-02 Daniel P. BerrangeFix two horrible memory leaks of EntangleImage
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeFix misc syntax-check problems
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeRewrite session browser widget
2012-04-25 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate file header comments
2012-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeFix construction of session browser
2012-02-15 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove redundant const
2012-02-13 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate copyright dates
2011-06-28 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert code fromm GTK2 to GTK3
2011-02-11 Daniel P. BerrangeRefactor image loading code to allow easier access...
2010-04-05 Daniel BerrangeAdd filename labels in session browser & image info...
2010-03-30 Daniel BerrangeRename Capa -> Entangle