Keep the progress/cancel toolbar permanently visible
[entangle:entangle.git] / src / frontend / entangle-camera-manager.c
2013-12-15 Daniel P. BerrangeKeep the progress/cancel toolbar permanently visible
2013-12-15 Daniel P. BerrangeFix leak of image when exiting preview mode
2013-11-27 Daniel P. BerrangeFix bracket whitespace usage
2013-11-24 Daniel P. BerrangeMove and rename auto-drawer classes
2013-11-24 Daniel P. BerrangeImprove ability to control manual focus
2013-11-24 Daniel P. BerrangeFix missing break in focus key accelerators
2013-11-24 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove unused variable in key release handler
2013-11-23 Daniel P. BerrangeIntroduce menu items for capture/preview
2013-11-13 JehanDo not ever set empty tooltips on capture and preview...
2013-11-13 JehanDisplay the currently selected image when cancelling...
2013-11-13 JehanOnion skinning in preview mode should show start at...
2013-11-01 Daniel P. BerrangeMake all window classes inherit Gtk classes
2013-08-22 Jesper PedersenMove file name to tooltip
2013-08-13 Daniel P. BerrangePreserve scrollbar offsets when switching images
2013-08-13 Daniel P. BerrangeRe-arrange nesting of image display
2013-04-24 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure every event is emitted in main thread
2013-04-24 Jesper PedersenAdd support for linear histogram
2013-04-01 Daniel P. BerrangeSet prefs before loading session
2013-02-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for manual focus control during preview
2013-02-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for autofocus during preview
2013-02-22 Daniel P. BerrangeEnd preview by toggling viewfinder action
2013-02-22 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove left over variable from gphoto 2.5 compat fix
2013-02-22 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove debug line
2013-02-21 Daniel P. BerrangeConditionally use new style gphoto callbacks
2012-12-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd hack to delete both images when exiting preview
2012-12-05 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for onion skin preferences
2012-12-05 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd ability to render an "onion skin" from a list of...
2012-12-05 Daniel P. BerrangeChange way image pixbufs are cleared
2012-12-05 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure camera is disconnected on window close/app exit
2012-11-28 Daniel P. BerrangeReindent to normalize whitespace
2012-09-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd preference to control use of embedded image preview...
2012-09-06 Daniel P. BerrangeControl histogram height to match default icon panel...
2012-09-02 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd further protection in API calls
2012-09-01 Daniel P. BerrangeCreate display of supported camera models
2012-09-01 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove obsolete GTK 2.x conditionals
2012-09-01 Daniel P. BerrangeFix some data types to use the glib variants
2012-09-01 Daniel P. BerrangeFix aspect ratio string->double conversion to be locale...
2012-08-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for displaying an image histogram in the...
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't clear image pixbuf while a popup is still open
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix widget leak when closing image popup
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix memory leak when displaying image popup
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeKeep toolbar dir in sync with current session dir
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeClose all image popups when changing session
2012-08-12 Daniel P. BerrangeClear cached image pixbuf when unselecting image
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix return type of mouse press handler
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd ability to synchronize shooting between windows
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeRe-enable drag for popups
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd popup menu in session browser
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeMerge 'new session' and 'open session' into 'select...
2012-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeEnable rendering of focus point / grid lines during...
2012-07-02 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd ability to blank screen while capturing images
2012-07-02 Daniel P. BerrangeFix two horrible memory leaks of EntangleImage
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeRewrite session browser widget
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure UI updates when aspect ratio preferences are...
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeAllow aspect ratio mask to be toggled on/off more easily
2012-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd some key shortcuts for common operations
2012-06-21 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd preferences for configuring image mask aspect ratio
2012-04-30 Daniel P. BerrangeAuto-connect to all cameras on startup
2012-04-25 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for multiple windows
2012-04-25 Daniel P. BerrangeRename EntangleContext to EntangleApplication
2012-04-25 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate file header comments
2012-04-25 Daniel P. BerrangeProperly use GtkApplication by registering windows
2012-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeFix compat with glib < 2.32
2012-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace gtk_main_quit with g_application_quit
2012-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace usage of gdk_display_get_pointer API
2012-04-01 Daniel P. BerrangeCleanup indentation
2012-04-01 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd _(...) around all translatable strings
2012-02-15 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd trailing blanks
2012-02-13 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate copyright dates
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix initial control panel sensitivity
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid running multiple event monitoring threads
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix thread locking in status bar hide
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid infinite loop of preview errors
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid double-free of GError after connect failure
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix some crashes during camera disconnect
2012-02-12 Daniel P. BerrangeUse a dedicated struct to store task info
2012-02-10 Daniel P. BerrangeRename async method handlers to use a _finish prefix
2012-02-10 Daniel P. BerrangeFix NULL pointer updating widget sensitivity
2011-11-28 Daniel P. BerrangeFix paths for loading XML builder files
2011-11-27 Daniel P. BerrangeWire up support for refreshing settings from camera
2011-11-27 Daniel P. BerrangeMake control refresh/load & camera connect/disconnect...
2011-11-27 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't clear image display when disconnecting camera
2011-11-27 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid deadlock on camera disconnect & reset meter
2011-11-26 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd preferences for continuous preview & non-delete...
2011-11-26 Daniel P. BerrangeRework the way settings are handled
2011-11-22 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate camera info dialog & remove resize grip
2011-11-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd display of metadata for selected image
2011-11-20 Daniel P. BerrangeSetup transient window hints
2011-11-20 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove EntangleAppDisplay class and rename EntangleApp...
2011-11-20 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove HAL support & make peas/introspection compulsory
2011-11-20 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert from GConf to GSettings
2011-11-17 Daniel P. BerrangeChange to perform continuous monitoring and expose...
2011-11-17 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace use of camera schedular with async calls
2011-11-17 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't send preview images through pixbuf loaders
2011-06-28 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert from Glade to GtkBuilder
2011-06-28 Daniel P. BerrangeConvert code fromm GTK2 to GTK3
2011-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeFixes to ensure it builds when GTK is sealed
2011-02-11 Daniel P. BerrangeRefactor image loading code to allow easier access...
2011-02-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid crash on camera disconnect
2010-10-06 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate to cope with cameras which have no controls