last changeWed, 9 Nov 2011 16:39:09 +0000 (11:39 -0500)
2011-11-09 Eugene TrounevNew redesigned assets to assure size independace. master
2011-10-19 schutzAdd audio phonon backend working in QML
2011-10-18 Eugene TrounevSmall margin adjustment
2011-10-18 Eugene TrounevRedone screen.qml and some more cleanup.
2011-10-18 Eugene TrounevRemoved unncessary files.
2011-10-18 Eugene TrounevSorted into new directories, cleaned and reformated...
2011-10-13 unknownadd missing code
2011-10-13 unknownrefactor : change calcPrinter and calcButtonGrid
2011-10-13 unknownrefactor calc grid and button
2011-10-13 unknownrestyle qml code : toolbar
2011-10-13 Eugene TrounevFix the string formating period removal error.
2011-10-13 Eugene TrounevMerge branch 'PrintRoll'
2011-10-13 Eugene TrounevDivision error is fixed and clearing logic too.
2011-10-13 Eugene TrounevSome paperfeed animation twicking. PrintRoll
2011-10-13 Eugene TrounevNew calculator roll system. Made by Sacha Schutz
2011-10-12 Eugene TrounevDatabase partually works now. Options are saved and...
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