last changeWed, 24 Oct 2012 14:47:23 +0000 (16:47 +0200)
2012-10-24 Ales Zabala... update translations master
2012-10-16 Ales Zabala... implement remaining code of issues module
2012-10-16 Ales Zabala... claim issue module
2012-10-16 Ales Zabala... fix emma-module-echo url
2012-10-16 Ales Zabala... Add a simple howto for module development
2012-10-16 Ales Zabala... add i18n stuff to MANIFEST
2012-10-15 Ruben PollanNew issue on email interface
2012-10-15 Ruben PollanChange the email command sintax to ''
2012-10-15 Ruben Pollanemail commands now use __cmd args__
2012-10-15 Ruben PollanUse the new message type with Dict inheritation
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanBug report for pagination on find_email
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanAdd execution permitions to
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanFix a typo on the translation
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanFix a typo on the help
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanAdd mediawiki interface to the
2012-10-14 Ruben PollanAdd emal2wiki to the
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