2013-09-05 Laurent VivierRelease version 0.14 EMILE-0.14
2013-09-05 Laurent VivierUpdate email address
2013-09-05 Laurent VivierUpdate GPLv2
2013-09-04 Laurent VivierUse ext2_fs.h from e2fslibs-dev package
2013-09-02 Laurent Viviermacos: correct typo in GetCurrentMode()
2013-09-02 Laurent VivierUpdate ChangeLog
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivierupdate (c) date
2011-12-18 Laurent Viviergcc-4.6: correct strict aliasing errors.
2011-12-18 Laurent VivierRemove unused variables (detected with gcc-4.6) in...
2011-12-18 Laurent VivierRemove unused variables (detected with gcc-4.6)
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivieradd emile.conf man page into .deb
2011-12-18 Laurent VivierAdd more details on "root" option
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivierdebian: correct non-m68k build
2011-12-18 Laurent VivierChange VERSION from 0.13CVS to 0.13
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivierdebian: allows to compile emile with gcc-4.1
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivierinclude linux/fs.h before linux/ext2_fs.h
2011-12-18 Laurent Vivierremove close() of unitialized fd
2011-12-18 Laurent VivierAdd -Wa,-mcpu=68030 and -Wa,-mcpu=68040
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierAdd EnterSupervisorMode()
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierDefine get_physical() and make_resident()
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierAdd include of macos/errors.h
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierAdd LockMemory() and LockMemoryContiguous()
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierReplace space by tab
2009-06-18 Laurent VivierAdd GetPhysical() trap
2009-06-11 Laurent Vivierswitch off interrupts before the PPC bootstrap
2009-06-11 Laurent VivierCorrectly create the PPC bootstrap section
2009-06-11 Laurent VivierPreserve register %a2.
2009-06-10 Laurent VivierAdd 64bit build host support for the first level parame...
2009-06-08 Laurent Vivieruptdate .gitignore
2009-06-08 Laurent Viviersecond: because of mess between gcc and as: remove...
2009-06-08 Laurent Vivierlibunix: because of mess between gcc and as: remove...
2009-06-08 Laurent VivierEMILE PPC is also compiled with m68k tools except clearly
2009-06-08 Laurent VivierCorrect branch local label to go backward instead forwa...
2009-06-08 Laurent VivierCorrect signe of response according Gestalt signature
2008-10-27 Laurent VivierAllow to compile with gcc-4 by adding a contraint on...
2008-09-25 Laurent VivierChange VERSION from 0.13 to 0.13CVS
2008-09-17 Laurent VivierDefine vga_set_palette() to define current display...
2008-09-17 Laurent Viviercreate .gitignore
2008-09-17 Laurent VivierPush parameters of _SetEntries into the stack instead...
2008-09-14 Laurent VivierAdd SetEntries() to set color palette
2008-09-14 Laurent VivierAdd some definitions to video.h
2008-09-10 Finn ThainThis patch corrects the generated tools.mk when no...
2008-09-05 Laurent VivierMove all docs management from Rules.mk to docs/Makefile...
2008-09-05 Laurent VivierUpdate README
2008-09-02 Laurent VivierAdd command line interface
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivieruse temp file to set configuration
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivierchange Standards-Version
2008-08-13 Laurent VivierChange FSF address
2008-08-13 Laurent Viviermove to version 0.13
2008-08-13 Laurent VivierUpdate
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivieradd usage of --emiledriver and --config
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivierupdate copyright for EMILE, add copyright for mkisofs
2008-08-13 Laurent VivierAdd apple_driver
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivierinstall apple_driver
2008-08-13 Laurent Vivierby default use EMILE driver
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivierremove error message when complete transaction fails
2008-08-12 Laurent Viviercorrectly manage default values
2008-08-12 Laurent Viviercorrectly get boot unit
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivierext2_init() fails if device is not an ext2 filesystem
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivierif APPLE_DRIVER, set the default unit to the boot unit
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivierinclude ../first/macos.i, for APPLE_DRIVER, manage...
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivieradd --config to provide a configuration file
2008-08-12 Laurent VivierAllow to define a default unit to use if none is provided
2008-08-12 Laurent VivierAdd NewPtrClear
2008-08-12 Laurent VivierGenerate an EMILE Apple_Driver
2008-08-12 Laurent VivierAdd --emiledriver to boot second stage of emile in...
2008-08-12 Laurent Viviermap_read_sector() uses offset from the beginning of...
2008-08-12 Laurent VivierAdd APPLE_DRIVER_EMILE
2008-08-12 Laurent Vivierlength is 16bit value
2008-08-07 Laurent Vivierreturn NULL if header version is wrong
2008-07-29 Laurent Vivierupdate
2008-07-29 Laurent Vivierdefine mount
2008-07-29 Laurent Viviercorrect typo between len and size
2008-07-29 Laurent VivierCorrectly set configuration path
2008-07-28 Laurent Vivierdon't crash when configuration file is not found
2008-07-28 Laurent Viviercorrect sprintf parameter signedness
2008-07-28 Laurent Viviercorrect management of filesystem support
2008-07-28 Laurent Viviermanage duplicate /
2008-07-28 Laurent Vivierclear unused part of configuration buffer
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierupdate VERSION to 0.12
2008-07-27 Laurent VivierAdd release 0.12
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierremove apple_driver
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierupdate
2008-07-27 Laurent VivierCreate directories man5 and man8
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierchange ramdisk_size for etch
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierreplace vmlinuz-2.6.18-4-mac by vmlinuz-2.6.17-2-mac
2008-07-27 Laurent Vivierremove broken modification (last commit)
2008-07-27 Laurent Viviercommit use root property and boot from HD
2008-07-27 Laurent VivierAllow to probe the filesystem
2008-07-27 Laurent VivierAllow to use "root" in configuration file
2008-07-27 Laurent VivierWait the release of a key if needed
2008-07-24 Laurent VivierManage one level software link
2008-07-24 Laurent VivierCorrect ext2: decoding
2008-07-23 Laurent Viviercorrect big endian support
2008-07-23 Laurent Vivierdefine rule for man section 5
2008-07-23 Laurent Vivierremove apple_driver
2008-07-23 Laurent Vivieradd man emile.conf
2008-07-23 Laurent Vivierbehaves correctly when last character is '/'
2008-07-21 Laurent Vivierupdate help
2008-07-21 Laurent Vivierupdate