cast device_write_sector() to stream_write_sector_t
[emile:mainline.git] / tools / emile_scanbus.c
2014-05-31 Laurent Viviercast device_write_sector() to stream_write_sector_t
2013-09-05 Laurent VivierUpdate email address
2007-10-10 Laurent VivierAdd device_get_blocksize()
2007-10-09 Laurent Vivieruse device_io_t
2007-10-04 Laurent VivierChange emile_map_* to map_*
2006-10-20 Laurent Vivierprint size of device found in block0 using blocksise...
2006-10-18 Laurent Vivierdisplay driver type, correct driver signature
2006-10-18 Laurent Vivierdisplay driver signature
2006-10-15 Laurent VivierAllow to find driver if base is not in block_size but...
2006-09-23 Laurent VivierDisplay patch info
2006-09-20 Laurent VivierDisplay driver type using hex, not dec
2006-09-15 Laurent VivierChange my email address to
2006-09-13 Laurent VivierCheck map can be opened
2006-05-29 Laurent VivierAllow to examine a given device
2006-05-29 Laurent VivierMore checking on function return
2006-05-29 Laurent VivierAllow to scan ATA bus, ignoring non allocated device...
2005-02-03 Laurent VivierAdd partition boot info
2005-02-01 Laurent Vivierblock_size is used in drivers section (block0) otherwis...
2005-02-01 Laurent Vivierget block_size even if we aren't in verbose mode
2005-02-01 Laurent VivierCorrect drivers info when block size is not 512 (i...
2004-12-27 Laurent Vivierdisplay bootblock info even if not bootable
2004-12-27 Laurent Vivierreplace emile-set-startup by emile-map-set
2004-12-22 Laurent Viviermove seek_partition() to libemile
2004-12-21 Laurent Vivierdisplay part flags in verbose mode
2004-12-21 Laurent Vivieradd print_size()
2004-12-16 Laurent VivierFirst revision