cast device_write_sector() to stream_write_sector_t
[emile:mainline.git] / tools / emile.c
2014-05-31 Laurent Viviercast device_write_sector() to stream_write_sector_t
2013-09-05 Laurent VivierUpdate email address
2008-07-29 Laurent VivierCorrectly set configuration path
2008-07-28 Laurent Viviercorrect sprintf parameter signedness
2008-07-28 Laurent Viviercorrect management of filesystem support
2008-07-21 Laurent Vivierhelp cosmetic change
2008-04-21 Laurent Vivieradd --no-fs, to restore management of container (old...
2008-04-16 Laurent Vivieruse libconfig
2008-02-25 Laurent VivierCorrectly manage chainloader
2008-02-14 Laurent VivierCorrect typo
2008-02-14 Laurent Vivierfor chainloader, size of "block:" is in bytes
2008-02-10 Laurent VivierBetter management of chainloader
2008-02-09 Laurent Viviercorrect typo about --restore
2007-10-10 Laurent VivierAdd device_get_blocksize()
2007-10-09 Laurent Vivieruse device_io_t
2007-10-08 Laurent VivierManage chainloader attribute in configuration files
2007-10-04 Laurent VivierChange emile_map_* to map_*
2007-09-08 Laurent Viviertools correctly get vga, modem and printer properties
2007-09-08 Laurent Vivierconfiguration is int8_t
2007-09-08 Laurent VivierManage vga, modem and printer properties
2007-09-05 Laurent VivierAdd some error messages
2007-09-03 Laurent Vivierdon't remove tmp files in test mode
2007-09-03 Laurent Vivierimprove --test
2007-09-02 Laurent Vivierpreliminary version to manage multiboot, untested \!\!
2007-05-12 Laurent Viviermove config variable from static to stack of main()
2007-05-11 Laurent Vivierread kernel, initrd, parameters and emile information...
2007-05-09 Laurent Vivieron restoring backup, rename file to .old
2007-05-06 Laurent Vivierhide map files
2007-05-04 Laurent Viviercorrect ramdisk management, rename it to initrd
2007-05-04 Laurent Viviercorrect flag ACTION_RAMDISK
2007-05-04 Laurent Vivierenable option "-r"
2007-02-24 Laurent Vivierto remove warning on signedness with gcc 4, cast some...
2006-10-28 Laurent Viviercorrectly set second level information
2006-09-20 Laurent Viviermodify emile_second_set_param() to not check if bootblo...
2006-09-15 Laurent VivierChange my email address to
2006-06-01 Laurent VivierAdd emile_secont_set_param(), emile_get_dev_name()...
2005-12-12 Laurent Viviercorrect --set-hfs
2005-12-02 Laurent VivierAdd vga parameter by default in configuration
2005-12-01 Laurent Vivierremove unused buffer_size
2005-12-01 Laurent Vivier change interface of emile_second_create_mapfile()
2005-11-29 Laurent Viviercorrect typo for --map
2005-11-29 Laurent Viviermove to EM06
2005-11-29 Laurent Viviertemporarily disable scsi creation, obsoleted by EM06
2005-06-09 Laurent Viviermove to version 5 of header: kernel_size == kernel_imag...
2004-12-27 Laurent Viviercorrect restore and backup parameters
2004-12-27 Laurent Vivierreplace emile-set-startup by emile-map-set
2004-12-27 Laurent Viviercorrect Apple_HS and --set-hfs
2004-12-26 Laurent Vivieropen file on --test, check it can...
2004-12-24 Laurent VivierAdd usage, some parameters and set bootable HFS partition
2004-12-23 Laurent VivierAdd set_HFS and set_startup
2004-12-23 Laurent Vivieradd all stuff to set firt level, second level and boot...
2004-12-23 Laurent VivierAdd open_map_of() and backup_bootblock()
2004-12-22 Laurent VivierAdd ARG_TEST, check_is_EMILE_bootblock, check_is_startu...
2004-12-22 Laurent VivierAdd some args, check Apple_Driver, checj Apple_HFS
2004-12-16 Laurent Vivierscanbus support
2004-12-14 Laurent Vivieruse new function emile_second_set_buffer_size
2004-12-13 Laurent Vivierset first, second and kernel parameters, it's a draft...
2004-12-10 Laurent Vivieruse libemile
2004-12-07 Laurent VivierAdd SCSI support for level 1
2004-12-03 Laurent VivierAdd container information of a given kernel in an appro...