2014-01-22 Ian CampbellActually prune messages from bugs
2014-01-21 Ian CampbellTidy
2014-01-21 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Handle MIME encoded control messages
2014-01-21 Ian CampbellRefactor code to create a MIME::Parser with our prefer...
2014-01-21 Ian CampbellRefactor some helpful utility functions into a new...
2014-01-21 Ian Campbelltest #16 & #18: Copy the list on control message
2014-01-21 Ian Campbelltest#7: Use correct Message-Id for In-Reply-To
2014-01-21 Ian CampbellAdd missing test #17
2014-01-14 Ian Campbellxen-bugs: Less spammy cronjob
2013-11-05 Ian Campbellcontrol: Strip trailing whitespace from commands
2013-10-02 Ian Campbelltest: Correct path to htaccess
2013-09-05 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Support blacklisting of addresses.
2013-09-05 Ian CampbellTidy
2013-09-05 Ian CampbellTODO: bugs.pl RSS feed
2013-09-02 Ian Campbellxen-bugs: alias for favicon.
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellcss: typo
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellmessage.pl: Don't elide control-reply messages in this...
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellImprove interface to format_html
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellWhen running perl -c include the current directory...
2013-07-02 Ian Campbelltest: Fake up control replies.
2013-07-02 Ian Campbelltest: split multiple message ID test into own mail
2013-07-02 Ian Campbelltest: Insert mails which are CC the list into the test...
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellbug.pl: Handle mails with no date field better
2013-07-02 Ian Campbelltest: Only use case-sensitive From address in that...
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellFix format_html now that it is in a function
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellSwitch to Perl DBI selectrow_foo interface
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellTidy
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellRun Makefile.perl whenever any Perl module changes
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellDon't display 01/01/1970 date for non-present messages.
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellPush handling of non-present messages to callers.
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellqueuerunner.pl: Only print if doing something (quieter...
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellAdd sort order to tags.
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellxen-devel: Fix type in config
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:emesinae/emesinae
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellmessage.pl: Implement.
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellCGI/bug.pl: Tidy
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellEmesinae::Message: Die in lookup_id if id doesn't exist.
2013-07-02 Ian Campbellbug.pl: simplify some code
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellxen: Add affects tag for release 4.3
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellbug.pl: Refactor to handle mbox vs normal output more...
2013-07-01 Ian CampbellCGI: Refactor code to format a mail into its own module.
2013-07-01 Ian CampbellCGI: Move common.pl to a proper module Emesinae::CGI
2013-07-01 Ian CampbellCGI: use path based parameters for message links.
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellmake tidy
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellmessage.pl: Placeholder script (404 for now)
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellbug.pl: retrieve a bug as an mbox
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellreceive.pl: Preserve envelope From as first line
2013-07-01 Ian CampbellTODO: update
2013-07-01 Ian CampbellTODO: control blacklisting functionality.
2013-06-06 Ian CampbellSupport tagging bugs, use to implement affected version...
2013-06-06 Ian CampbellAdd a "make check" target.
2013-06-06 Ian Campbellcss: Add some trailing semi-colons
2013-06-06 Ian CampbellTODO: Update
2013-05-30 Ian Campbelldb: Use a compound key for the refs table, ref_id is...
2013-05-30 Ian Campbellxen-devel: Prepare for public alpha
2013-05-30 Ian Campbellbugs.pl: Add facility to link to a page with informatio...
2013-05-30 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Remove debugging prints
2013-05-30 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Implement support for bugid == it
2013-05-30 Ian CampbellUpdate example configurations for new Perl in Wheezy
2013-05-29 Ian Campbellcontrol: Allow ControlAllow to come from a file
2013-05-29 Ian CampbellDB: restructuring of the fields
2013-05-29 Ian CampbellBug.pm: Add accessor methods for all fields
2013-05-29 Ian CampbellTODO: Add some planned DB cleanups
2013-05-29 Ian Campbellbugs.xenproject.org: Redirect / to /xen/
2013-05-28 Ian CampbellRun test bug installation on a separate vhost.
2013-05-24 Ian CampbellTODO list gardening
2013-05-24 Ian CampbellInstall with appropriate permissions
2013-05-24 Ian CampbellMove static content out of document root
2013-05-24 Ian CampbellCGI: Include bugid as a path element instead of a CGI...
2013-05-24 Ian CampbellRename tests now we have >10 of them
2013-05-23 Ian Campbellxen-devel README: Move DB to $prefix/var/run
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:emesinae/emesinae
2013-05-23 Ian Campbellxen-devel: Move DB to prefix/var/run.
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellTODO: Taint mode
2013-05-23 Ian Campbellbugs.pl: Remove misleading title search box (still...
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellTODO: Make things nicer for search engines
2013-05-23 Ian Campbellbug.pl: Handle lack of id paramter
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellCGI: Limit the amount of P{OST data we accept.
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellBug.pm: Ensure severities are valid before passing...
2013-05-23 Ian Campbellreceive.pl: Define $id earlier in case of early error
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellUpdate test config for deployment on test system
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellMove test configuration under configs/examples
2013-05-23 Ian CampbellBuild: Allow .config to specify local configuration...
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellTidy
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Handle ControlAllow case-insensitively
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellbugs.pl: Sanitise title HTML
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellbug.pl: Sanitise HTML in bug title.
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellRevert "control.pl: Handle ControlAllow case-inseensiti...
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellcontrol.txt: Document which commands are privileged
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellTODO: Few more suggestions
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Parse message ids while looking them up
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellcontrol.pl: Handle ControlAllow case-inseensitively
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellTODO: Way to reference the root mail of a thread
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellFix spelling of "Wherever"
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellAllow configuration of control replies to the list
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellTidy
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellInstall control.txt in webroot and reference it.
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellbugs.xenproject.org: Send control replies to sender
2013-05-22 Ian Campbellbugs.xenproject.org: Control address is xen@
2013-05-22 Ian CampbellSpecify only local part for control & owner address...