Actually prune messages from bugs
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2014-01-22 Ian CampbellActually prune messages from bugs
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellSwitch to Perl DBI selectrow_foo interface
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellPush handling of non-present messages to callers.
2013-07-02 Ian CampbellMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-01 Ian Campbellmake tidy
2013-06-06 Ian CampbellSupport tagging bugs, use to implement affected version...
2013-05-29 Ian CampbellDB: restructuring of the fields
2013-05-29 Ian Add accessor methods for all fields
2013-05-23 Ian Ensure severities are valid before passing...
2013-01-06 Ian CampbellRename to "Emesinae", a Thread-Legged bug.