last changeTue, 24 Jul 2012 14:59:31 +0000 (16:59 +0200)
2012-07-24 Thomas PetazzoniImprove code to allow messages to be redirected using... master
2012-07-23 Thomas PetazzoniUpdate documentation after file-based upgrade implement...
2012-07-23 Thomas PetazzoniImplement capability of upgrading from a local file
2012-05-03 Thomas PetazzoniAdd capability to extract elements of a firmware image
2011-10-20 Thomas PetazzoniAdjust messages to match the legacy ones
2011-09-06 Thomas PetazzoniMake sure the last message gets sent
2011-09-06 Thomas PetazzoniRemove debugging message
2011-09-06 Thomas PetazzoniAdd sample fwupgrade.conf
2011-09-06 Thomas PetazzoniSupport a configuration file in /etc/fwupgrade.conf
2011-09-05 Thomas PetazzoniMisc improvements
2011-08-31 Thomas PetazzoniImprove error handling and reboot after successful...
2011-08-31 Thomas Petazzonicgi: uncomment erase part
2011-08-31 Thomas PetazzoniAdd a sample index.html file
2011-08-31 Thomas Petazzonidoc: Mention a way of testing the CGI application
2011-08-31 Thomas PetazzoniMajor developments
2011-07-05 Thomas PetazzoniAdd gitignore file
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