last changeMon, 2 Nov 2009 10:24:15 +0000 (11:24 +0100)
2009-11-02 Christian JohansenTweak fonts on Windows master
2009-11-02 Christian JohansenNicer background color for current line highlight
2009-11-02 Christian JohansenAdd settings for Windows Emacs
2009-10-12 cjoSensible fill column
2009-10-12 cjoAutoload org-mode for *.org
2009-10-12 cjoMore sensible use of el-files
2009-10-12 cjoMove provides down in file, add in org-mode customizations
2009-10-12 cjoDisplay line numbers
2009-10-09 Christian JohansenRemove retarded lambda functions in JavaScript
2009-10-09 Christian JohansenFix Mac OSX delete button
2009-10-09 Christian JohansenJSP tweaks
2009-10-09 Christian JohansenMake Emacs usable on Mac OSX
2009-08-11 Phil HagelbergFix sudo-edit and turn off toolbar always.
2009-08-11 Phil HagelbergLet paredit be handled by autoload and don't set hooks...
2009-08-11 Tim DysingerRefactored out repeated mode hook lines into a lambda...
2009-08-11 Tim DysingerRemoved whitespace line in middle of function comment
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