fix two warnings
[elektra-initiative:libelektra.git] / src / libelektra / kdb.c
2013-12-21 Markus Raabfix two warnings
2013-12-20 Markus Raabimprove kdbSet
2013-12-15 Markus Raabimprove code quality of core code
2013-12-14 Markus RaabMerge branch fixing shell script tests
2013-12-14 Markus Raabchange kdb algorithm to not terminate immedately on...
2013-12-09 Markus Raabrefactor kdbSet
2013-12-09 Markus Raaballow to force loading of modules
2013-12-08 Markus Raabfix split signature in other parts
2013-12-01 Markus Raabfix bug which prevents getting of multiple plugins
2013-01-12 Markus Raabfix kdbOpen() to not change name of errorKey
2012-11-18 Markus RaabAdd C++ documentation
2012-11-18 Markus Raabimprove docu
2012-10-21 Markus Raabimprove docu: Modules
2012-10-20 Markus Raabimprove docu and testcases for keySetName
2012-05-17 Markus Raabdoxygen
2011-02-23 Markus Raabrename config.h to kdbconfig.h
2010-11-17 Markus Raabdo not print version on startup
2010-11-15 Markus RaabMerge branch 'kwallet'
2010-10-19 Markus RaabMerge branch 'benchmarks'
2010-10-19 Markus RaabMerge branch 'master' of mr-old:/home/ftp/git/elektra
2010-10-17 Markus Raabfix warning
2010-07-28 Markus RaabMerge branch 'version'
2010-07-23 Markus RaabVersion Backend
2010-07-21 Markus RaabMerge branch 'plugins'
2010-07-21 Markus Raaberror message when file could not be opened
2010-07-15 Markus RaabMerge branch 'dbus'
2010-07-14 Markus RaabMerge branch 'bugfixing'
2010-07-13 Markus Raabresolver checkFile introduced
2010-07-10 Markus RaabOnly delete modules if there
2010-07-10 Markus Raabbuildup split during mounting
2010-07-08 Markus RaabkdbClose fixed
2010-07-07 Markus Raabseparate mount code
2010-07-02 Markus Raabmilestone3 milestone3
2010-07-02 Markus RaabdefaultBackend not initialized properly
2010-07-02 Markus Raabmodule configuration
2010-07-02 Markus RaabBUG: Pointer to wrong Plugin in error case
2010-07-01 Markus Raabdont double free defaultBackend
2010-06-30 Markus RaabkdbSet() now updates correctly too
2010-06-30 Markus Raabupdating keysets work
2010-06-30 Markus Raabresolver now works much better
2010-06-30 Markus RaabkdbGet() docu
2010-06-29 Markus RaabMerge branch 'inactive'
2010-06-29 Markus RaabMerge branch 'mainloop'
2010-06-29 Markus Raabfirst implementation of kdbGet() mainloop
2010-06-29 Markus Raabinactive (hidden keys)
2010-06-28 Markus Raabnew kdbSet mainloop
2010-06-24 Markus Raabmount default backend
2010-06-24 Markus Raabuse backend pointer instead of void
2010-06-23 Markus Raabfirst try to split user/system sizes
2010-06-23 Markus Raabuser, system splitting
2010-06-23 Markus Raabsplitting with mounting works
2010-06-23 Markus Raabcreating of split works
2010-06-23 Markus Raabalso close split on error
2010-06-22 Markus Raaberror code for plugins introduced
2010-06-14 Markus RaabMerge branch 'remove'
2010-06-14 Markus Raabfirst rm worked!
2010-06-14 Markus RaabMerge branch 'error'
2010-06-11 Markus Raablarge API change, compiles again
2010-06-11 Markus Raabsome errors for hosts
2010-06-11 Markus Raabimprove argument documentation
2010-06-10 Markus Raabfirst error report works
2010-06-10 Markus RaabELEKTRA_PRINT_DEBUG now a clear macro
2010-06-10 Markus RaabNow integrated as global header
2010-06-08 Markus Raabhello world plugin config
2010-06-07 Markus Raabcompiles the first time
2010-06-04 Markus Raabrename trie
2010-06-04 Markus Raabsplit keyset renamed
2010-06-04 Markus Raabinternals now start with elektra*
2010-06-04 Markus Raabmore renaming
2010-06-04 Markus Raabrename Backend functions
2010-05-21 Markus Raabfix kdbGetBackend
2010-05-20 Markus Raabdump now works too
2010-05-20 Markus RaabNR_OF_PLUGINS can be less then 10 too
2010-05-20 Markus Raabremoved KDBhandle + KDBcapability
2010-05-20 Markus Raabremove old stuff
2010-05-20 Markus RaabdefaultBackend introduced in KDB
2010-05-20 Markus Raabalso two backends work
2010-05-20 Markus Raabtest loading plugins for itself
2010-05-19 Markus Raabloading of plugin tracer works
2010-05-19 Markus Raabreplace names
2010-05-19 Markus Raabsplit up files
2010-05-19 Markus Raabstart implementation of backend parsing
2010-05-19 Markus Raabstart kdbOpenBackend
2010-05-19 Markus Raabrenamed kdbOpenBackend to kdbOpenPlugin
2010-05-18 Markus Raabfixed wrong signature of kdbOpen(backend)
2010-05-18 Markus RaabMerge branch 'remove' into mainloop
2010-05-18 Markus RaabMerge branch 'kdb' into mainloop
2010-05-17 Markus RaabMerge branch 'keyset' into dump
2010-05-14 Markus Raabmuch more verbose on errors when loading backends
2010-05-12 Markus Raabrecursive get works
2010-05-12 Markus Raabinteractive mounting
2010-05-12 Markus RaabNow recursive getting works
2010-05-12 Markus Raabnow get complete config
2010-05-12 Markus Raabls works a bit
2010-05-11 Markus Raabstat gone too
2010-05-11 Markus Raabfix verbose build
2010-05-10 Markus RaabMerge branch 'keyset' into dump
2010-05-10 Markus Raabkeyset test cases work!
2010-05-05 Markus RaabMerge branch 'meta' into dump
2010-05-03 Markus RaabBUG: did not free parentKey when ret==0