2014-03-21 manuelkdb: fix some/give better error messages
2014-03-21 manuelexamples/reference: give the keys some names
2014-03-21 manuelhosts: rewrite test
2014-03-21 manuelhosts: remove "#" from line spanning comments
2014-03-03 Markus Raabchanges during 0.8.5 release
2014-03-03 Markus Raabincrement version number to 0.8.5
2014-03-03 Markus RaabReady for release
2014-03-03 Markus Raabfix doxygen warnings of generated code + add testcases
2014-03-03 Markus Raabadd and print number
2014-03-03 Markus Raabfix off by one in long argument handling
2014-03-03 Markus Raabuse correct types in example
2014-03-03 Markus Raabrename SPECIFICATION
2014-03-03 Markus Raabadd util.tmpl to show reuse approach
2014-03-03 Markus Raabplugin tests wrong plugin
2014-03-03 Markus Raabgive old target names for docu
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix types i386 in example
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix architecture size issue (amd64)
2014-03-02 Markus Raabexit gen when cheetah is not installed
2014-03-02 Markus Raabremove useless man pages (directory information)
2014-03-02 Markus Raabinstall test_data + use it correctly
2014-03-02 Markus Raaballow to install html+man at different pathes
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix name of tool with -h
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix types in yajl plugin (double instead of number)
2014-03-02 Markus Raabadd C++97 types + fix type checker to use kdbtypes.h
2014-03-02 Markus Raabrename kdb-gen -> gen
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix missing errno
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix test cases
2014-03-02 Markus RaabMerge branch 'gen'
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfirst draft for release notes
2014-03-02 Markus Raabchange default folder kdb-tool/exec
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix more types + include guards
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix typenames for C and C++
2014-03-02 Markus Raabsome todos not for today..
2014-03-02 Markus Raabtodo for today
2014-03-02 Markus Raabkdb_ naming conventions with coherent _t
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix specification with new types + add all types
2014-03-02 Markus Raabfix genopt with corba types
2014-03-02 Markus Raabadd platform, licence + fix template path
2014-03-02 Markus Raabadd argparse+pkg_resources
2014-03-02 Markus Raabnew types + new include guards
2014-03-02 Markus Raabsupport for include guards with uuid
2014-03-02 Markus Raabuse corba types for C
2014-03-02 Markus Raabreordering + renaming
2014-03-01 Markus Raabfix long long + long double
2014-03-01 Markus Raabadd CORBA type mapper
2014-03-01 Markus Raabfix tool folder
2014-03-01 Markus Raabfix tool folder
2014-03-01 Markus Raabimprove pc+FindElektra with new folders
2014-03-01 Markus Raabadded TEMPLATE folder + some small fixes in cache
2014-03-01 Markus Raabdo not install types.h
2014-02-28 Markus Raabfix installation issues
2014-02-28 Markus Raabmove content of TODO -> TOOLS, setup.py -> setup.py.in
2014-02-16 Markus Raabsome cleanup + add stat
2014-02-16 Markus Raabadd clean targets
2014-02-16 Markus Raabadded lift_nested.cpp
2014-02-16 Markus RaabCMakeLists.txt for gen tool
2014-02-16 Markus RaabCMakeLists.txt for tools
2014-02-16 Markus Raabkdb files for external command support
2014-02-16 Markus Raabadd external tool support for gen
2014-02-16 Markus Raabrename directories
2014-02-14 Markus Raabrename kdb-gen
2014-02-14 Markus Raabmake tests with all 3 testprogs
2014-02-13 Markus Raabnested with Hierarchy support
2014-02-13 Markus Raabadded some todos
2014-02-12 Markus Raabadded draft for nested templates without Hierarchy
2014-02-09 Markus Raabadded gen_support
2014-02-08 Markus Raabimprove gen support
2014-02-08 Markus Raabadd manpage support
2014-02-08 Markus Raabadded header file for getopt
2014-02-08 Markus Raabsupport for --help --version
2014-02-08 Markus Raablongopt support
2014-02-08 Markus Raabmake enum argument parsing robust
2014-02-08 Markus Raabmake bool getopt parameters without argument
2014-02-08 Markus Raabrefactor: have a single point to define true values
2014-02-08 Markus Raabfix support for empty string
2014-02-08 Markus Raabadd limit tests
2014-02-07 Markus RaabImprove gen support for external projects
2014-02-07 Markus Raabadded setup.py
2014-02-07 Markus Raabexternal README
2014-02-07 Markus Raabadded external tests
2014-02-07 Markus Raabclean up mess done before
2014-02-07 Markus Raabadd limit and fallback tests
2014-02-07 Markus Raabadd tests
2014-02-07 Markus Raabfirst shell tests of gen
2014-02-07 Markus Raabfix dependency to correct man page
2014-01-31 Markus Raabadd range checks in getopt, remove unsafe function
2014-01-31 Markus Raabfix getopt with appending to user
2014-01-30 Markus Raabsmall changes
2014-01-29 Markus RaabPrototype for code and documentation generation
2014-01-29 Markus Raabadd some docu, fix get_ set_ in c++ docu, make all...
2014-01-29 Markus Raabfix cascading, read user+system, write user
2014-01-29 Markus Raabshorten names, mark duplicates
2014-01-29 Markus Raabadd override/fallback support
2014-01-29 Markus Raabtodo
2014-01-29 Markus Raabfix clean in makefile, add TODO
2014-01-29 Markus Raabstart cpp binding
2014-01-26 Markus Raabmake nice doxygen from header file
2014-01-26 Markus Raabenable option parsing + conditional writeout
2014-01-26 Markus Raabfix make clean
2014-01-26 Markus Raabadded html output, added see property