2013-01-12 Markus Raabfix compiler warning
2012-12-08 Markus Raabsmall fixes+variable renameing
2012-12-08 Markus Raabcpp binding update
2012-12-08 Markus Raabsmall docu fixes
2012-12-08 Markus Raabdoxygen update 1.8.2
2012-12-08 Markus Raabfix doxyfile
2012-11-24 Markus Raabadded exceptions and io for cpp
2012-11-24 Markus Raabnew command sget
2012-11-24 Markus Raabimplemented "kdb file" functionality
2012-11-18 Markus RaabAdd C++ documentation
2012-11-18 Markus Raabcleanup keyset and add docu
2012-11-18 Markus Raabkey.hpp only depends on kdb.h
2012-11-18 Markus Raabmore binary test cases
2012-11-18 Markus Raabfail more obvious if no plugins are selected
2012-11-18 Markus Raabimprove docu
2012-11-18 Markus Raabtesting todo
2012-11-18 Markus Raabuse a warning when doxygen is not found
2012-11-18 Markus Raabnote two more important changes from 0.7 to 0.8
2012-11-05 Markus Raabadded set example (thanks to Kai-Uwe Behrmann" <ku...
2012-11-01 Markus Raabremove broken zsh completion for kdb
2012-11-01 Markus RaabImprove internal tests
2012-10-30 Markus Raabmake some more operators inline
2012-10-30 Markus Raabremove some C-like methods
2012-10-30 Markus Raabfix exceptions
2012-10-30 Markus Raabforgot to remove DEBUG/VERBOSE macros
2012-10-30 Markus Raabimprove docu a bit
2012-10-30 Markus Raabimprove some plugin tests
2012-10-30 Markus Raabadd release and fix clear
2012-10-30 Markus RaabkeyClean is public (in kdb.h)
2012-10-30 Markus Raabupdate CURRENT TODO
2012-10-30 Markus Raabhandle empty PLUGIN list correctly
2012-10-30 Markus Raabadded uname plugin
2012-10-21 Markus Raabimprove docu: Modules
2012-10-21 Markus Raabimprove docu
2012-10-21 Markus Raabfix kdb import issue
2012-10-20 Markus Raabhide more private docu
2012-10-20 Markus Raabdocu updates
2012-10-20 Markus Raabimprove docu and testcases for keySetName
2012-10-07 Markus Raabtry to fix dependency
2012-10-07 Markus Raabyajl: fix check if user config
2012-10-07 Markus Raabimprove docu of branches
2012-10-07 Markus RaabImplemented recursive creation of folders
2012-10-07 Markus Raabfix some unused warnings
2012-10-07 Markus Raabdo not use keyIsUser
2012-10-07 Markus Raabgive better error messages
2012-10-07 Markus Raabrecursive resolving
2012-10-07 Markus Raabclean up resolving
2012-10-07 Markus Raabmark unused parameter
2012-10-07 Markus Raabremove extensions, add NDEBUG
2012-10-07 Markus Raabintroduce attributes for deprecated and unused
2012-10-07 Markus RaabTODO for 0.8.4 and later
2012-10-01 Markus Raabupdate version number to 0.8.4 for next release
2012-10-01 Markus Raabupdate README (also on wiki)
2012-10-01 Markus Raabrelease 0.8.3 mail + docu
2012-10-01 Markus Raabprepare for release 0.8.3
2012-10-01 Markus Raabsome more import tests
2012-09-30 Markus Raabtodo
2012-09-30 Markus Raabadded simple import test
2012-09-30 Markus Raabfix -s option
2012-09-30 Markus Raabadded some more tests for simpleini
2012-09-29 Markus Raabshell scripts should not start with test_
2012-09-29 Markus Raabnew test suite
2012-09-29 Markus Raabcpack packaging bug
2012-09-16 Markus Raabimprove docu
2012-09-16 Markus Raabadd and document NODEP and DEFAULT plugin selection
2012-09-15 Markus Raabdot cleanup to NO, because of strange bug:
2012-09-15 Markus Raabuse git commando instead of git-commando
2012-09-15 Markus Raabuse ALL plugins instead of list..
2012-09-15 Markus Raabimprove compiler flag handling
2012-09-15 Markus Raabfix clang, gcc compiler flags
2012-09-15 Markus RaabClang fix
2012-09-14 Markus Raabstrange sporadic LaTeX Warning: There were multiply...
2012-09-14 Markus Raabfix most of shadow parameters
2012-09-14 Markus Raabgive multiple test scripts different roots
2012-09-14 Markus Raabfix cross references
2012-09-14 Markus Raabcxx_mode and clang workaround
2012-09-14 Markus Raabfix compile error for clang
2012-09-14 Markus Raabdocu updates
2012-09-14 Markus Raabfix testcase
2012-09-14 Markus Raabimprove test macros
2012-09-14 Markus Raabcorrect if in cmake
2012-09-14 Markus Raabimprove cmake status messages
2012-09-14 Markus Raaballow simple inclusion of all PLUGINS
2012-09-14 Markus Raabadd graph showing dependencies
2012-09-14 Markus Raabsmall docu updates
2012-07-29 Markus Raabimprove readme
2012-07-29 Markus RaabREADME how to import/export/mount
2012-07-29 Markus Raabfix cpack (Version was declared later)
2012-07-29 Markus Raabscript to output all plugins
2012-07-29 Markus RaabRemove obsolete plugin kwallet3
2012-07-29 Markus RaabImplemented umount command
2012-07-29 Markus RaabImplement JSON parsing with yajl
2012-07-29 Markus Raabimplement some very basic serialization
2012-07-29 Markus Raabmake root path configureable
2012-07-29 Markus RaabOpenICC testcases pass
2012-07-29 Markus Raabtestcase with more then 10 array entries
2012-07-29 Markus Raabrename all json files to .json
2012-07-29 Markus Raabadd string support
2012-07-29 Markus Raabadded number implementation
2012-07-29 Markus Raabalso support boolean types