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2014-01-10 elbandiRemove DNS seed and fix nodes master
2014-01-10 elbandiChange toolbar image
2014-01-06 RonPaulCoinUpdate
2014-01-03 RPCTemporary fixes to make it work
2014-01-03 RPCImages by colinistheman
2014-01-03 RPCModifications by colinistheman
2013-12-06 Warren TogamiLitecoin v0.8.6.1 v0.8.6.1
2013-12-06 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Reduce default mintxfee to 0.001
2013-12-06 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Release Notes for
2013-12-06 poolerLitecoin: Update pnSeed array
2013-12-05 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Reduce Dust thresholds by 10x
2013-12-05 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Reduce high priority tx size limit to 5KB...
2013-12-05 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Reduce prioritysize from 27KB to 17KB
2013-12-05 Warren TogamiLitecoin: Checkpoint at block 456000
2013-12-05 Warren TogamiLevelDB: use PosixWriteableFile only on MacOS X
2013-12-05 Patrick Stratemandont use mmap in leveldb, this is a marginal performanc...
4 years ago v0.8.6.1 Litecoin v0.8.6.1
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc8 Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc8
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc7 Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc7
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc6 Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc6
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc5 Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc5
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc4-no-mmap Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc4-no-mmap
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc4 Litecoin v0.8.5.3-rc4
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc3 Litecoin version
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc2 Litecoin version
4 years ago v0.8.5.3-rc1 Litecoin version
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc6 Litecoin version
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc5 Litecoin v0.8.5.2-rc5
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc4-detect Litecoin v0.8.5.2-rc4-detect
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc4 Litecoin v0.8.5.2-rc4
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc3 Litecoin v0.8.5.2-rc3
4 years ago v0.8.5.2-rc1 Litecoin v0.8.5.2-rc1
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