Put banners to a div
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2013-12-28 elbandiAdmin: Summary table
2013-12-27 elbandiAdmin: add a button to update server balance
2013-12-27 elbandiAltcoin feature
2013-12-27 elbandiRename allowBTC config parameter
2013-12-27 elbandiMove sendMoney function calls to core
2013-12-27 elbandiTiny admin page
2013-12-27 elbandiTry get ip address form envs when behind a proxy
2013-12-27 elbandiAllow email and bitcoin addresses
2013-12-27 elbandiValidator can check ltc address too
2013-12-27 elbandiUse constans subunit divider
2013-11-27 elbandiAdd bitcoind support
2013-11-22 elbandiDisplay the link of the used online wallet
2013-11-22 elbandiAdd Blockchain Wallet support
2013-11-19 elbandiFetch_one helper
2013-11-19 elbandiUse number_format function to display satoshis
2013-11-19 elbandiDisplay referral link
2013-11-19 elbandiFix referral counting
2013-11-19 elbandiOps, remove debug condition
2013-11-19 elbandiSql query helper
2013-11-19 elbandiImplement cashout code
2013-11-18 elbandiImplement MiniFaucet