last changeMon, 18 Aug 2014 10:07:08 +0000 (12:07 +0200)
2014-08-18 Michel MartiUpdate License to GPL v3 master
2014-05-19 Michel MartiPrevent possible NPE when checking for ECM type switch ecmdroid-v0.96
2014-05-19 Michel MartiPrepare v0.96
2014-05-19 Michel MartiDisplay Country ID, Calibration and Layout Version...
2014-05-19 Michel MartiProperly reset the bitset/variable cache whenever the...
2013-10-28 Michel MartiBump up Version to v0.95 ecmdroid-v0.95
2013-10-28 Michel MartiReplace hard-coded Database Path
2013-10-28 Michel MartiFix EEPROM Editor refresh issues
2013-10-28 Michel MartiAdd support for optimized burning
2013-10-28 Michel MartiKeep track of locally modified EEPROM pages
2013-09-05 Michel MartiProvide missing Editor for the EEPROM Activity
2013-09-05 Michel MartiAdd Android v4 Support Library for Fragment support
2013-09-05 Michel MartiCommit ADT-updated eclipse .classpath
2013-09-01 Michel MartiPrepare v0.94 ecmdroid-v0.94
2013-09-01 Michel MartiIt's called 'BLUETOOTH_ADMIN', twit!
2013-08-19 Michel MartiPrepare v0.93 ecmdroid-v0.93
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