2014-07-28 LoRd_MuldeRPorted back changes from "ffdcaenc", originally publish... ffdcaenc
2012-04-22 Git UserPorted back latest changes from official dcaenc reposit... master
2012-01-14 Git UserAdded Delphi bindings (includes a simplistic example).
2012-01-13 Git UserAdded support for 3-channels Wave files.
2012-01-12 Git UserBugfix: Valid channel configurations could rejected...
2012-01-12 Git UserFix checking of channel configuration and added CLI...
2012-01-12 Git UserCheck channel configuration before creating dca context.
2012-01-12 Git UserAdded option to overwrite auto-selected channel mode...
2012-01-11 Git UserMake sure we skip the unused byte at the end of odd...
2012-01-11 Git UserAllow to set bitrates that are not a multiple of 1000...
2012-01-09 Git UserUpdated ignore list.
2012-01-09 Git UserGenerate "math_tables.c" at compile-time and removed...
2012-01-09 Git UserRemoved DLL dependency on MSVCRT100.DLL, instead we...
2012-01-09 Git UserRefactor the actual encoding functionality into a stati...
2012-01-02 Git UserMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/dtsenc...
2012-01-02 Git UserBackported the proper fix for a possible 'dcaenc.c...
2012-01-02 Alexander E... Avoid infinite loop when the requested bitrate is too...
2011-12-30 Git UserBug fix: Set DCAENC_FLAG_LFE flag properly for 6ch...
2011-12-29 Git UserAdded actual command-line parser and some useful options.
2011-12-23 Git UserAdded project/solution files for Visual Studio 2010.
2011-12-22 Git UserWorkaround for a possible livelock. Will now detect...
2011-12-22 Git UserImproved progress indicator, especially when reading...
2011-12-20 Git UserWave parser will now return an error message.
2011-12-20 Git UserMore fixes for reading from STDIN.
2011-12-20 Git UserAdded support for input from STDIN and output to STDOUT.
2011-12-20 Git UserAdded Unicode support and progress indicator.
2011-11-28 Charles HannumSupport reading 5-channel wav files
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Added NEWS v1
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Include dca.conf in the tarball
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Added a .gitignore file
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Print program version
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Added a TODO file
2011-09-17 Alexander E... Removed overlinking.
2011-09-14 Alexander E... Updated README
2011-09-11 Alexander E... Updated the README.
2011-09-11 Alexander E... Added a file with the ALSA PCM definition
2011-09-10 Colin GuthrieIgnore hint sections defined by hand.
2011-09-10 Alexander E... Weakened the autoconf version requirement
2011-09-10 Alexander E... whitespace-only changes
2011-09-10 Alexander E... Fixed sound buffer indexing.
2011-08-21 Alexander E... Updated notes on compatibility
2011-08-21 Alexander E... Fixed git command
2011-08-20 Alexander E... Updated hardware support status and build instructions.
2011-08-12 Alexander E... Never create empty subbands
2011-08-12 Alexander E... Properly account for non-transmitted subbands
2011-08-10 Alexander E... Renamed a function
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Write correct bitrate in the header for 28 bit mode.
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Added support for wrapping DTS into IEC61937 frames.
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Added some documentation for end users
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Build ALSA plugin conditionally
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Install the header
2011-08-09 Alexander E... Initial import