2012-06-28 Gorm EriksenAdded more realistic color schemes master
2012-06-27 Gorm EriksenSmaller font-size on header
2012-06-22 Gorm EriksenRemoved transition test
2012-06-22 Gorm EriksenAdded animated CSS changes using jquery-effects-core
2012-06-22 Gorm EriksenAdded missing files from last commit
2012-06-22 Gorm Eriksenadded initial code for expanding comments (but not...
2012-06-21 Ryan HellyerUntracking dead sprite file
2012-06-21 Ryan HellyerAddition of partial header text functionality and chang...
2012-06-20 Ryan HellyerFixing post thumbnail alignment
2012-06-20 Ryan HellyerBug fixes based on input from Gorm and David Rooke
2012-06-20 Ryan HellyerLots of minor styling upgrades
2012-06-13 Ryan HellyerUntracked a stack of files which were irrelevant to...
2012-06-13 Ryan HellyerUntracked STUFF folder
2012-06-13 Ryan HellyerUntracked and ton of SVN stuff
2012-06-13 Ryan HellyerMostly bug fixes for customizer customisations
2012-06-13 Ryan HellyerAdded some extra features
2012-06-07 Ryan HellyerUntracking SVN directory
2012-06-07 Ryan HellyerUntracking dss-theme folder
2012-06-07 Ryan HellyerInitial plugin commit