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2012-08-16 Gorm Eriksenremoved head icon master
2012-08-16 Gorm Eriksenfixed sorting bug
2012-08-16 Gorm Eriksenbetter way of removing nyheter from home loop
2012-08-13 Gorm Eriksenno notification if post is in news category
2012-08-13 Gorm Eriksenadded css class for page slug
2012-08-13 Gorm Eriksenpadding on all-innspill sidebar
2012-08-13 Gorm Eriksenchanged color on gfx from darkpink to green
2012-08-13 Gorm Eriksenusing slug name of news category instead of number
2012-08-10 Gorm Eriksenremoved pink face
2012-08-10 Gorm Eriksenremoved social sharing because its not in use
2012-08-10 Gorm Eriksenadded news category (id=9) that is not shown in regular...
2012-08-09 Gorm Eriksennot hardcoding theme name
2012-08-08 Gorm Erikseninitial commit
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