last changeMon, 15 Sep 2014 21:31:12 +0000 (23:31 +0200)
2014-09-15 Tormod VoldenComplete LCD support for DSO Nano V3 master
2014-09-14 Tormod VoldenAdd comments to LCD access assembly code
2014-09-14 Tormod VoldenDisable FFT display for now
2014-09-14 Tormod VoldenV3: Temporarily use Set_Pixel for drawing curves
2014-09-14 Tormod VoldenStart adding support for the DSO Nano V3
2014-09-14 Tormod Voldengcc: Generate .hex from .bin instead of .elf directly
2014-09-14 Tormod Voldengcc: Pretty make: Don't print full command when compiling
2013-11-30 Tormod VoldenMore detailed comments in GPIO configuration
2013-11-30 Tormod VoldenFix up wrong, but unused, LCD communication pin macros
2012-09-12 Tormod VoldenChange displayed APP version to 3.13+fft
2012-09-12 Tormod VoldenAdd FFT display to DSO user interface
2012-09-12 Tormod Voldengcc: Lower RAM split address to make space for FFT...
2012-09-12 Tormod VoldenAdd FFT routines from ST DSP library
2012-09-12 Tormod VoldenChange reference colour
2012-09-12 Tormod VoldenFix some typos in code comments
2012-09-12 Tormod Voldengcc: Generate map file when linking
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