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last changeSat, 29 Mar 2014 21:04:56 +0000 (22:04 +0100)
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheAlways update all seasons of a show master
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheBuffer the HTTP stream for XML parsing
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheSpeed up series update
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheSQLite: use a compiled statement when updating shows
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheSQLite: use transactions when updating shows
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheUpdate the toast message while updating shows
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheAdd a debug stacktrace when the TVShowItems fail to...
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheUpdate credits and state that this version is different...
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheAdd contextual menu to delete a local episode from...
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheClean up strings file
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheTry to fix indent
2014-03-29 Mikael BertheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/queue'
2014-03-15 Mikael BertheToggle show status: try to speed up things by not calli...
2014-03-15 Mikael BertheDisplay the series status (passive/active) to the user
2014-03-15 Mikael BertheAdd a filter global setting
2014-03-15 Mikael BertheAdd a context menu item to "toggle" a show status ...
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