last changeWed, 4 Aug 2010 14:29:45 +0000 (14:29 +0000)
2010-08-04 ddomenichelliAdd 'Start Chat...' menu using KTelepathy/RequestTextCh... master
2010-08-04 ddomenichelliSVN_SILENT added .svn in .gitignore
2010-08-04 ddomenichelliAdd -fPIC to ontologies target and remove ontology...
2010-08-04 gbergMove the ontologies generation to the ontologies subdir...
2010-08-02 ddomenichelliSVN_SILENT Setting svn:ignore property
2010-07-19 ddomenichelliMove all jobs and model stuff to "libktelepathy"
2010-05-28 ddomenichelliUse telepathy-qt4 constants instead of numeric constants
2010-05-26 ddomenichelliMake q_ptr protected in TelepathyBaseJobPrivate and...
2010-05-21 ddomenichelliEnable add contact request only for online accounts
2010-05-17 dafreKeep up with Nepomuk API
2010-05-10 dafreCCMAIL:
2010-05-10 dafreBase support for Metacontacts.
2010-04-21 dafreDisable Nepomuk legacy, hence removing all of those...
2010-04-18 dafreMake Telepathy-Contactlist pick up changes in realtime.
2010-04-18 dafre * Add a real singleton guarded by K_GLOBAL_STATIC...
2010-04-14 dafreCCMAIL:
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