last changeMon, 3 Oct 2011 03:49:55 +0000 (22:49 -0500)
2011-10-03 Gabe JohnsonAdded android gm screen master
2011-01-10 gjohnsonModified ButtonMenu to use GlowButton.
2011-01-07 gjohnsonCreated GlowButton
2011-01-05 gjohnsonStarted work on load map dialog.
2010-12-20 gjohnsonBegan adding menu animations.
2010-12-19 Gabe JohnsonStarted work on Setup and Map menus
2010-12-17 gjohnsonConnected the function buttons and created place holder...
2010-12-15 gjohnsonUpdated the setup and map buttons
2010-12-15 Gabe JohnsonGraphics work on the MainDialog
2010-12-14 gjohnsonGlowy Ui
2010-12-13 gjohnsonFix menu animations
2010-12-06 gjohnsonNew menu
2010-11-22 Gabe JohnsonStarted MapMenu dialog
2010-11-17 gjohnsonUpdated the menu code to correctly use the listview
2010-11-17 Gabe JohnsonMoved the menu list to a listview
2010-11-16 gjohnsonFixed the animation of the menu options on the GM screen
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