last changeFri, 24 Oct 2014 08:51:12 +0000 (11:51 +0300)
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevPrepare to upload donkey-0.5-21 to unstable. master
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevReinstate -Werror, but only if requested.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevUse dpkg-dev's default source compression options.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevRephrase some paragraphs in the manual page, too.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevDrop README.Debian - repeats the long description.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevImprove the wording of the package long description.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevAdd my PGP key and teach the watch file about it.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevUse dh-autoreconf, end with a newline.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevBuild in src/ instead of using the "setup" script.
2014-10-24 Peter Pentchevdh --parallel.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevUse dh_auto_*, get the build flags from debhelper.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevDo not build with -Werror for the present.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevAdd Multi-Arch: foreign.
2014-10-24 Peter PentchevAdd debian/upstream/metadata.
2014-10-23 Peter PentchevBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 with no changes.
2013-09-12 Peter PentchevAttempt to release donkey-0.5-20. donkey-0.5-20-debian-01
5 years ago donkey-0.5-20-debian-01 First attempt at uploading donkey...
7 years ago donkey-0.5-19-debian-03 Tag my third attempt at uploading...
8 years ago donkey-0.5-19-debian-02 Tag my second attempt at uploading...
8 years ago donkey-0.5-19-debian-01 Tag my first attempt at uploading...
8 years ago donkey-0.5-18-debian-02 Tag the Debian package files for...
8 years ago donkey-0.5-18-debian-01 Tag my first attempt at uploading...
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