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2011-06-06 Nick Martinifinished up first release master
2011-06-05 Nick Martiniwoops
2011-06-05 Nick Martinitest
2011-06-04 Nick Martiniadded a markdown version of the readme
2011-06-04 CharlieClarified syntax ambiguity
2011-06-04 Nick Martiniderp header
2011-06-04 Nick Martiniadded list of contributors
2011-06-02 CharlieDid you even read the spec? Whitespace is important
2011-05-31 Andrew FauldsFixed some minor parsing issues
2011-05-31 Andrew FauldsFixed small issue with parsing inverse_dong
2011-05-31 Andrew FauldsAdded fully compliant dongml parser
2011-05-31 Nick MartiniMerge pull request #5 from sumskyi/master
2011-05-31 vlad- added mongomapper iinorder to reduce dependencies
2011-05-29 Nick MartiniI COULD use just a string of bash commands, but why...
2011-05-29 Nick MartiniUpdated the license. Zed Shaw hates open source and...
2011-05-29 Nick Martiniadded the ZED tag
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