2010-08-26 Adrian PerezRelease v0.3 v0.3
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezUpdate manual page with the -L/-l options, plus example
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezFix: SIGSTOP signal must be forwarded with -S/-s
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezImplement process pause/resume depending on load average
2010-08-26 Adrian Perezutil: Implement iterruptible_sleep()
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezCategorize help output of dmon
2010-08-25 Adrian PerezUpdate manual page with setid/setgid options
2010-08-25 Adrian PerezImplement setuid/setgid when spawning child processes
2010-08-25 Adrian PerezHelper name_to_uid() & name_to_gid() functions
2010-08-11 Adrian Perezdmon: Do not wait the first time a process is started
2010-08-11 Adrian Perezutil: Handle passing zero to safe_sleep
2010-08-04 Adrian PerezRelease v0.2 v0.2
2010-08-04 Adrian Perezdmon: Sleep second before exec'ing to prevent DoS
2010-08-04 Adrian Perezutil: Fix header to say "util" instead of "dmon-util"
2010-08-03 Adrian Perezdmon: Print error message when no command is specified
2010-08-03 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement timeout for process running time
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement -1 (run once) switch
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezDebian packaging files v0.1
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAdd manual page for dmon
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement daemonization and PID file writing
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdlog: Do not create log file with execution bit set
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAvoid building debug functions
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezImplement signal handling and process respawning
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezMigrate to new task_t control structure
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezSupport omitting log file path on dlog
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAdd dlog manual page
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezImplement dlog utility
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezFix file headers, rename dmon-util.* -> util.*
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAdd dsyslog manual page
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezRewrite code in terms of iolib.[hc]
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAdd support for @e/@E formatters in iolib.[hc]
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAdd vformat() function to iolib.[hc]
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezProper indentation and modelines
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezClose standard output after initialization
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezImplementation of dsyslog
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezExpand tabs in indentation
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezInitial import