2013-01-13 Adrian Perez... Re-mount the root file system read-write dinit
2013-01-13 Adrian Perez... Set the host name on initialization
2013-01-13 Adrian Perez... Ensure /run/lock and /run/udev are created
2013-01-13 Adrian Perez... Support reading build options from "config"
2012-11-20 Adrian Perez... WIP on dinit-service
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezImplement dinit_(poweroff|reboot|halt)
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezSymlink /var/run -> /run on startup
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezCreate certain directories at startup
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezMount tmpfs on /run on startup
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezRename wbool -> w_bool_t
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezIntegrate dinit in the rest of the tools suite
2012-11-10 Adrian Perezdinit-util: Implement dinit_do_mounts()
2012-11-10 Adrian Perezutil: Implement mkdir_p()
2012-11-10 Adrian PerezAdd stub dinit.{c,rst} and needed Makefile bits
2012-11-10 Adrian Perez... Objectify task_t in preparation for dinit
2012-08-20 Adrian PerezUse W_OPT_* and w_str_* instead of local copies master
2012-08-20 Adrian PerezUpdated libwheel submodule
2012-03-06 Adrian PerezUpdated to the latest libwheel and updated code
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezVersion 0.4.2 v0.4.2
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezUpdated Debian packaging for version 0.4.2
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezTweak Makefile rules to support silent building
2011-12-09 Adrian PerezReading of log input from arbitrary file descriptors
2011-11-25 Adrian Perezdlog: Add --prefix, to add a prefix text to messages
2011-11-13 Adrian PerezRe-add wheel submodule pointing to the Gitorious URL
2011-11-13 Adrian PerezRemove wheel submodule - will re-add later with new URL
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezAdd long command line options to manual pages
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezUse "ln -sf" in Makefile for symbolic links
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezSimplified replace_args_cb() so it works only on strings
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezRemove unused replace_args_{file,fd} utility functions
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdrlog: Handle the INT signal gracefully cgroups
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdlog: Remove unneded "running" variable
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdlog: Handle INT, TERM and HUP signals gracefully
2011-07-25 Adrian PerezVersion 0.4.1 v0.4.1
2011-07-25 Adrian PerezUpdate Debian packaging for version 0.4.1
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezDefine _GNU_SOURCE to get the definition of ULLONG_MAX
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezImprove error messages from drlog
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUnify all file-like size parsing in util.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUnify all time-period parsing in util.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUse memory handling functions from libwheel
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezRemove unneeded die() declaration from util.h
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezRemove unused include from multicall.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezChange MULTICALL preprocessor define to NO_MULTICALL
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezLink dmon to libwheel.a instead all of its object files
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUse $(LD) for libnofork instead of hardcoding gcc command
2011-07-12 Adrian Perezdrlog: Better error formatting
2011-07-12 Adrian Perezdrlog: Remove die() macro, use w_die(NULL) instead
2011-07-12 Adrian Perezdrlog: Better output directory errors
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezBuild a multicall binary by default
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezUpdate libwheel and disable its stdio usage
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezUse w_io_t instead of libc's stdio
2011-06-29 Adrian PerezCompletely replace assert() with w_assert()
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezVersion 0.4 v0.4
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezUpdate Debian packaging for version 0.4
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezSame help message in dlog/drlog for -b flag
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezAdd -b/--buffered option to drlog
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezFix option name in drlog manpage
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezPoint to all DMon articles in README file
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezDo not make non-optimized debug builds by default
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezRemove usage invalid of optarg
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezRemoved section in README about externally adding rotlog
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezAdd drlog in Git ignore rules
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezImport new drlog tool, based on rotlog
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezUpdate libwheel submodule to v0.1
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezProperly detect pid-file command line argument
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezUse _DEBUG_PRINT for enabling debug output
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezRemove iolib.{h,c} and use w_io_t functions instead
2011-06-01 Adrian PerezImprove help output by passing cmdline syntax to w_opt_...
2011-06-01 Adrian PerezUpdate libwheel
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezUse w_die wherever possible
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezDisable pthread support from libwheel
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezFix file name in comment header
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezUpdate code to build with latest libwheel
2010-11-08 Adrian PerezUse w_lengthof instead of length_of
2010-10-27 Adrian PerezUpdate libwheel to latest Git head
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezChange dslog to use w_opt_parse() from libwheel
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezChange dlog to use w_opt_parse() from libwheel
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezRemove unused parse_float_arg() function
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezParse config file with w_opt_parse_file()
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezChange dmon to use w_opt_parse
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezRules in Makefile to build with libwheel
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezAdd Git wheel submodule
2010-10-06 Adrian PerezDocument "-I" option and status file format
2010-10-06 Adrian PerezBetter debugging message including signal number
2010-10-05 Adrian PerezImplementing writing process status to file
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezSanity-check for printable characters in replace_args_cb()
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHandle errors when reading file passed to "-C"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezDocument "-C file" commnand line option in manpage
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezFix typo (double double-dash) in manual page
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezSupport reading options from files with "-C file"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezRelease v0.3.7 v0.3.7
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezIgnore shared libraries (*.so) in Git
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezFix muilticall builds without rotlog
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezDescribe option "-E" in manual page
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezImplement modifying environment variables with "-E"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezAdd and support its building
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezUpdate manual pages with notes on environment vars
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHonor DSLOG_OPTIONS environment variable
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHonor DLOG_OPTIONS environment variable
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHonor DMON_OPTIONS environment variable
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezMemory and arg-replacing utility functions