Remove wheel submodule - will re-add later with new URL
[dmon:dmon.git] / util.h
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezSimplified replace_args_cb() so it works only on strings
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezRemove unused replace_args_{file,fd} utility functions
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUnify all file-like size parsing in util.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUnify all time-period parsing in util.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUse memory handling functions from libwheel
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezRemove unneeded die() declaration from util.h
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezRemove iolib.{h,c} and use w_io_t functions instead
2010-11-08 Adrian PerezUse w_lengthof instead of length_of
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezRemove unused parse_float_arg() function
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezSupport reading options from files with "-C file"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezMemory and arg-replacing utility functions
2010-09-30 Adrian PerezImplement parse_limit_arg() and limit_name()
2010-09-30 Adrian PerezAdd length_of macro to util.h
2010-09-29 Adrian PerezNew safe_setrlimit() function
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezRefactored code for better reusability of functions
2010-09-05 Adrian Perezutil: Use primary group for the user
2010-09-05 Adrian Perezutil: Add function to parse uid[:gid[:gid...]] lists
2010-08-26 Adrian Perezutil: Implement iterruptible_sleep()
2010-08-25 Adrian PerezHelper name_to_uid() & name_to_gid() functions
2010-08-04 Adrian Perezdmon: Sleep second before exec'ing to prevent DoS
2010-08-04 Adrian Perezutil: Fix header to say "util" instead of "dmon-util"
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezFix file headers, rename dmon-util.* -> util.*