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[dmon:dmon.git] / dmon.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUnify all time-period parsing in util.c
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezChange MULTICALL preprocessor define to NO_MULTICALL
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezUse w_io_t instead of libc's stdio
2011-06-29 Adrian PerezCompletely replace assert() with w_assert()
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezRemove usage invalid of optarg
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezProperly detect pid-file command line argument
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezUse _DEBUG_PRINT for enabling debug output
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezRemove iolib.{h,c} and use w_io_t functions instead
2011-06-01 Adrian PerezImprove help output by passing cmdline syntax to w_opt_...
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezUse w_die wherever possible
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezUpdate code to build with latest libwheel
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezParse config file with w_opt_parse_file()
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezChange dmon to use w_opt_parse
2010-10-06 Adrian PerezBetter debugging message including signal number
2010-10-05 Adrian PerezImplementing writing process status to file
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHandle errors when reading file passed to "-C"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezSupport reading options from files with "-C file"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezImplement modifying environment variables with "-E"
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHonor DMON_OPTIONS environment variable
2010-09-30 Adrian PerezImplement setting process limits
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezRemove "-?" as valid command line flag
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezMove "-1" in help message to exec constraints section
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezImplement sleeping an interval between succesful runs
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezRefactored code for better reusability of functions
2010-09-13 Adrian PerezHandle errors when creating command<->log pipes
2010-09-06 Adrian PerezSupport building all tools as a multicall binary
2010-09-05 Adrian PerezSet additional groups prior to execution
2010-09-05 Adrian PerezDo -u/-U in terms of parse_uidgids() removing -g/-G
2010-09-01 Adrian PerezFix: Do not handle SIGSTOP, it is forbidden by POSIX.1
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezFix: SIGSTOP signal must be forwarded with -S/-s
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezImplement process pause/resume depending on load average
2010-08-26 Adrian PerezCategorize help output of dmon
2010-08-25 Adrian PerezImplement setuid/setgid when spawning child processes
2010-08-11 Adrian Perezdmon: Do not wait the first time a process is started
2010-08-04 Adrian Perezdmon: Sleep second before exec'ing to prevent DoS
2010-08-03 Adrian Perezdmon: Print error message when no command is specified
2010-08-03 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement timeout for process running time
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement -1 (run once) switch
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdmon: Implement daemonization and PID file writing
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezAvoid building debug functions
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezImplement signal handling and process respawning
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezMigrate to new task_t control structure
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezFix file headers, rename dmon-util.* -> util.*
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezRewrite code in terms of iolib.[hc]
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezProper indentation and modelines
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezExpand tabs in indentation
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezInitial import