Remove wheel submodule - will re-add later with new URL
[dmon:dmon.git] / dlog.c
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdlog: Remove unneded "running" variable
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdlog: Handle INT, TERM and HUP signals gracefully
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezChange MULTICALL preprocessor define to NO_MULTICALL
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezSame help message in dlog/drlog for -b flag
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezRemove iolib.{h,c} and use w_io_t functions instead
2011-06-01 Adrian PerezImprove help output by passing cmdline syntax to w_opt_...
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezUse w_die wherever possible
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezChange dlog to use w_opt_parse() from libwheel
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezHonor DLOG_OPTIONS environment variable
2010-09-06 Adrian PerezSupport building all tools as a multicall binary
2010-07-30 Adrian Perezdlog: Do not create log file with execution bit set
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezSupport omitting log file path on dlog
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezImplement dlog utility
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezFix file headers, rename dmon-util.* -> util.*
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezInitial import