Remove wheel submodule - will re-add later with new URL
[dmon:dmon.git] / Makefile
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezUse "ln -sf" in Makefile for symbolic links
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezChange MULTICALL preprocessor define to NO_MULTICALL
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezLink dmon to libwheel.a instead all of its object files
2011-07-12 Adrian PerezUse $(LD) for libnofork instead of hardcoding gcc command
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezBuild a multicall binary by default
2011-07-11 Adrian PerezUpdate libwheel and disable its stdio usage
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezDo not make non-optimized debug builds by default
2011-06-16 Adrian PerezImport new drlog tool, based on rotlog
2011-06-15 Adrian PerezRemove iolib.{h,c} and use w_io_t functions instead
2011-05-15 Adrian PerezDisable pthread support from libwheel
2010-10-15 Adrian PerezRules in Makefile to build with libwheel
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezFix muilticall builds without rotlog
2010-10-04 Adrian PerezAdd and support its building
2010-10-01 Adrian PerezSupport in Makefile to build multicall binary with...
2010-09-30 Adrian PerezBuild by default optimized for size (-Os)
2010-09-27 Adrian PerezRefactored code for better reusability of functions
2010-09-08 Adrian PerezNew "strip" target in Makefile
2010-09-06 Adrian PerezSupport building all tools as a multicall binary
2010-09-03 Adrian PerezRenamed dsyslog to dlog to avoid file collisions
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezFix file headers, rename dmon-util.* -> util.*
2010-07-30 Adrian PerezRewrite code in terms of iolib.[hc]
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezImplementation of dsyslog
2010-07-29 Adrian PerezInitial import