last changeMon, 20 Aug 2012 12:02:08 +0000 (15:02 +0300)
2012-08-20 Adrian PerezUse W_OPT_* and w_str_* instead of local copies master
2012-08-20 Adrian PerezUpdated libwheel submodule
2012-03-06 Adrian PerezUpdated to the latest libwheel and updated code
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezVersion 0.4.2 v0.4.2
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezUpdated Debian packaging for version 0.4.2
2012-01-07 Adrian PerezTweak Makefile rules to support silent building
2011-12-09 Adrian PerezReading of log input from arbitrary file descriptors
2011-11-25 Adrian Perezdlog: Add --prefix, to add a prefix text to messages
2011-11-13 Adrian PerezRe-add wheel submodule pointing to the Gitorious URL
2011-11-13 Adrian PerezRemove wheel submodule - will re-add later with new URL
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezAdd long command line options to manual pages
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezUse "ln -sf" in Makefile for symbolic links
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezSimplified replace_args_cb() so it works only on strings
2011-08-13 Adrian PerezRemove unused replace_args_{file,fd} utility functions
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdrlog: Handle the INT signal gracefully cgroups
2011-08-08 Adrian Perezdlog: Remove unneded "running" variable
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