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last changeWed, 9 Apr 2008 16:29:11 +0000 (09:29 -0700)
2008-04-09 William Morganupdate bugs state master
2008-04-09 William Morganadd /stop, /reset, /edit commands to multiline editing
2008-04-09 William Morganmove editor invocation to a Lowline#run_editor method
2008-04-09 William MorganNumeric#to_pretty_s prettification
2008-04-09 William Morganmake log output use local times
2008-04-09 William Morgantweak 'git log' output
2008-04-08 William Morganinitial 'ditz log' implementation
2008-04-08 William Morganbugfix: issue names not being assigned in order of...
2008-04-08 William Morgantweak output slightly
2008-04-08 Nicolas PouillardBe a little more verbose (this helps to check that...
2008-04-07 William Morganissue updates
2008-04-07 William Morganbugfix: default arguments don't work for operator methods
2008-04-07 William Morganconvert bugs.yaml to new format
2008-04-07 William Morganadd conversion script from monolithic format
2008-04-07 William Morganuse one file per issue
2008-04-07 William Morganvarious issue updates
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10 years ago release-0.1 tagged release 0.1
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